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In the end it doesn't even matter.....

Well it doesn't matter, nothing does. I'm hopeless and I'm a failure. I'm all alone and wil never have a proper friend, never. Everyone seems to be out today and where was I? Not asked as per usual and lied to.
All of friends seemed to be having a friends day out and I nev ot told a single detail.
Me do anything right?! Funny. I do nothing right and can't remember nearly everything.
I mess up everything and will never change that.
When I'm not near my family they all seem to have a great time and then with me everything's shit.
I gave in to everything, peer pressure was the worst.
I ran away

I will enter loud and proud (Part 8) THE END!

Well this is the last part ever of 'I will enter loud and proud' ever!!!!!! I hope you guys have enjoyed it as much as I have writing it, I would love to thank my gran she has had. A huge impact on this as she has cancer and I want to deicated all of this to her as I love her and also 'Suitheart2001' for helping me through everything, believeing in me and being an amazing friend and reader, this is deicated to both of you!


A tear fell down my face, I couldn't believe it, 
"I'm sorry but I'm being honest, the chances of surviving

I know I've already posted this but please listen :)

Well this is my best friend Hayley singing obviously 'Sweer Child O' Mine' and I think she's amazing so please tell me what you think so I can help her improve it would be well appreciated! :D
Also here's a link to her singing 'Closer to the edge'

It would all be so Appreaciated!! Please and Thankyou :)

~Death Candy

I will enter loud and proud (PART 7)

I pulled the envelope up a little just to show the tip of it but threw it back down and under my pillow losing all my courage
"Don't come with me tomorrow I'll go myself" I said forcing the lie out of my mouth, I wanted him to come but what would I do other than give him the letter I didn't want him to see at all anymore.
"No I'm coming" He said looking me dead in the eye.
"No, I'm going myself I don't care what you say" 
"Fine, but your missing school tomorrow then" I said knowing he wouldn't be bothered about missing school.
"I don't care, I hate school" He said laughing a little
"Yeah well

Life in school....

Well I'm in school and im with one of my best friends, LUCY NOCK! XD
Its the only good thing about this session to be honest, I hate administration with a passion.
Well thats all, cya later killjoys!

~Death Candy xo

I'm so sorry

For being a bitch
A depressing little cunt
I'm sorry for having bipolar disorders
I'm so rude when depressed and I'm so sorry
I didn't mean any of it
I've lost good friends over this because if being born this way
God officially hates me
Anti depressants are my gift right now
I didn't mean any of it I'm so sorry
I sounded that way because I'm just so depressed
I'm sorry and will never do that again hopefully
Think I'm attention seeking all you want
But remember I'm incredibly sorry.

I will enter loud and proud (PART 6)

I sat on the swing I was on before and swung slowly, I took out my phone and looked at all the pictures and memories I had on it. They were mostly me and Gerard but there were some with me and Mikey, I was really going to miss them if I had to go. I felt more tears bundle up in my eyes but I was smiling at how amazing the guys are, especially Gerard.

Please listen :)

Well this is my best friend Hayley singing sweet child O' mine and she's amazing please listen and tell me what you think and I'll tell her and if you want to hear her singing closer to the edge by 30 seconds to mars my YouTube name is TheSunsshineKid please check it out I will love you guys forever if you do :D

Well what a waste.

As for those of you who know about the band I'm in and my friend Hannah who decides her boyfriend is more important.
The gut from the record company phoned and said this was a once in a lifetime offer and without a drummer we're not getting signed or even heard. Wow, thanks hannah best friend ever.
And to top that off my friend flipped with me for no reason and now she's calling me worthless and an annoying little freak. I promise you guys, I have the best friends ever -.-


Well I'm in a band playin bass whoop and have been for a while but didn't say xD
We're called "Knocking on hells gate" from the lyrics of lamb of god "dead seeds" because they're hayleys favourite band xD
Well we had a gig tomorrow where this guy was coming out from a record company to hear us play, we were honestly so excited and we practiced every single day! But guess what? Our drummer Hannah decided her boyfriend was more important than making it and sending our message across the world and we can't find a drummer for tomorrow.