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Writers block...

Yup, I've got it again. I hate having it, I want to write but I can't because it all sounds crap...So for the readers of my Fanfic, it's getting held off for a while until I think of something. Yes I know it's a bad bit to get writers block but I can't help it :( I'm sorry...

Artwork for my fanfic.

Well a really good friend of mine, 'Suiteheart2001' drew this for me. It's something for my fanifc and I think she would love for you guys to say what you all think and I know I do because I think that It's amazing :) Well done Suiteheart2001, well done :)

Thankyou :)

Well this is just a giant thankyou to you guys, the MCRmy. MCR and everyone who was there for me. I was a bitch to most of you at the start of my depressing because I wasn't used to getting help for it but I then came to accept that I needed help, I needed you guys and you all helped me through it. I promise you guys that I love you all and MCR, sometimes when I'm depressed I don't show any love, happiness or thankfulness and I'm sorry for it but you people are my family, a true family. I will never give up hope, I will never take my life hopefully.

Please, I beg

I beg of you guys so much to pray. Yes pray. I'm not one for praying but please ! My friend's mum died today because of hypothermia and she had cancer too. The family are left with 6 kids and one parent who's income isn't very good so I beg of you guys to pray for my friend and his family, please it's not really alot to ask for but if you don't believe in god or that I will not take offence but please if you are a catholic or whatever you are please pray for them, it's the last time I ask for anything pretty please?

You can run away with me anytime you want (PART 6)

~~~~~~~DAWN'S P.O.V~~~~~~~~~

I was sitting in my bedroom, it was about 2 am and I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about Frank and how much I really did love him. 
"Shit" I muttered realising that my birthday was soon and Frank would definitely go over the top with it, I really hoped that he would forget but he probably wouldn't. I hated people making a fuss about my birthday but I loved getting more band mercy from my family but it was a different story when I was off my friends, I just hated it.

Art work for 'You can run away with me anytime you want'

Well I got bored and decided to make some art work for my fanfic :) Please tell me what you guys think it would be really appreciated :)

P.S I can't really draw......


Lately I've just been feeling down, depressed and suicidal and seriously I don't even have a good answer why. I kept feeling like I was worthless, horrible, stupid, ugly, annoying, freak, weirdo, useless and just plan crap.

I miss when I wasn't like this, when I would never think of harming myself or taking my own life. I really do miss these days.

Today, oh fuck.... Today I felt worse, I never slept I was too anxious, depressed and suicidal to even sleep. That is when I wrote a letter/note addressed to my family and friends, I was indeed a suicide note.

You can run away with me anytime you want (PART 5)

After about ten minutes a knock came on the window, we pulled apart to find Gerard making love hearts with his fingers towards us with his fingers, we both giggled and smiled at each other.
"You do know that I really do love you" Frank said moving a piece of hair from my face
"Yes, and you do know that I will always love you" I said smiling softly at him
"I will always remember that, never will I forget" He said kissing me yet again, I would never get tired of this, Frank Iero was the best man anyone could have in this world. 
We decided to get out the car so we would actually get a good

I am afraid to keep on living.

I feel depressed, that I have nothing to live for. I've been this way for about three or two years I think? Everyone thought I was the happy person but really I'm not. I'm the one who finds dark corners and sits in them and cries so know one can see me. I feel worthless, stupid, ugly, fat, good for nothing, horrible, confused and all around suicidal.
I don't want to be this way, trust me.

Thankyou so much!

No seriously whoever put they helplines down the side if the page I fuckin love you!!!! It's the reason I'm still here today and not dead, I would love to thank the veterans for all their help and they are amzing at their job so please I recommed them pleas if you're suicidal use them!!! They are life savers! :D