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New years resolution! xD


Marry the night

I know marry the nights a lady gaga song but i thought it would be a good name for a poem! xD

The day turned night as we woke up
My pale white skin made me shiver as it was true
I thought it was a dream but it still is.
The coffin that belonged to me that lay six feet under,
Everyone knew i was dead just not in the way they thought.

We were going to go out, into the cold, dark night.
The clouds came together and made a path in which we could walk
The night belonged to us as we were going to marry it.

You told about the sunlight, in how it dried us and made us dust,
Your red eyes shimmered in

Im so sorry

I'm so sorry if any my posts lately about no one commenting on anything I was being a bitch and I was under stress and stuff I'm really sorry if I have pissed anyone off I don't blame you if you don't forgive me ! :)

All I want

All I wanted was someone to tell me what they thought of my new poem but no, no one even bothered thanks ye know


I post things that I think are worth while, well like my poems and story's but obviously no one cares thanks. You really make me feel welcome...

Turn me or die trying.

Before you ask yes this is what all my poems are about....

You had me at the first word, there was no need for persuasion,
You made that little promise that would change my life forever
I swore that night I wouldnt, it as a secret amoung the dead.
You smiled and disappeared I was alone in the cemetery.

You came back and with that promise to make
You lay me down and took all the venom and blood
And made your kind, a kind that people never believed in
You taught me the rules and some of your own.
Now I was with you and had no choice as I am what you made me.
You took me and introduced me to him

Got my mcr tee!!! xD

Tyrant,jlijughgfh!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy Ive got one and I've got one ordered!! xD

My chem tee

I've ordered my mcr spider desert tee thing but I think I've ordered it too small :(

Ermm . Can you guys help

Well tonight, it was good but right now I feel unhappy and depressed and I've been listening to mcr for ages and it's not helping and I have no clue why i feel this way... :'(

Another poem...

The light shone, you stood there and stared
Your pale skin and blood red eyes told me the story
You made your way towards me,
As you got closer I moved away as I knew the truth
You stood a metre away looking to the ground
But then you changed and became evil

They call you a vampire bu I know your deepervand darker
I do not know what they call you but you frightened me,
They warned me but I ignored them now I wa stuck in a death trap.
You came closer and focsed your eyes on my neck

I lay in a pool of blood dying as you ran away,
The pain hut me and it felt like someone was graving my throat