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Save Our Souls (PART 11)

I saw Mikey run past me, I then new Kelly was dead. I ran out the hospital, I had lost Mikey I guessed he was running back home so I ran towards 
my mums car as it was just pulling away, I ran and caught her before she went onto the main road.
"Mikeys running back home because Kellys dead I think" I said to mum
"Why did he not come and get me?" She asked
"I guess he didn't see you" I said jumping into the car. I was worried incase something happened to him.
We got caught in alot of traffic,
"Oh fuck off!" I shouted
"Language Gerard!" Mum shouted at me
"Sorry but its so long!" I

Save Our Souks (PART 10)

The tears came on even heavier, A nurse walked out of her room
"Can I go in and see her for the last time?" I asked
"Of course Michael" She said, I was really getting pissed off with people calling me Michael.
I sat on the bed beside her and held her hand, she was lifeless but I still loved her, the same way I did when she was alive
"I love you" I said to her hoping she could hear it where ever she was.

I thought I saw her in the corner, but two minutes later she disappeared. I was so confused "Was it a ghost" I thought.
Then I heard the door open and jumped at it, it was only Gerard
"is she


One of my 'best friends' has just told me that my obsession with my chem is now creepy, and I said a I didn't care no she's not talking to me and isn't texting me back! :( and to make it worse the res are ditching me or their boyfriends and one of them knew I really liked this guy and she went and asked him out for herself :'( I seriously hate life! D:
I guess my true friends are you guys right here :)

Save Our Souls (PART 9)

Kelly hung the phone before I got to ask her what railway bridge, then I remembered about the one ten minutes away from her dads. I grabbed a bag and left, 
"hey where are you going?" Gerard asked
"kelly, she's in trouble and I need to see if she's okay" I replied
"wait and I'll come too you'll need someone to take you to the hospital if anythings wrong" gerard said
"fine but be quiet incase mum hears you" I said
"don't worry I always sneak out the car" Gerard said
"okay" I said waiting n Gerard to put his shoes on. 
We opened the front door quietly and unlocked the car door and

Save our souls (PART 8)

I finally got in, i got caught in the rain. Charlie was making a sandwich
"How are you, i heard Gerard was in the hospital and you were visiting him" My mum said from the hallway
"Im good, yeah i was and he's okay before you ask" I said
"Okay, do you ant anything?" 
"No, im okay im just going to go to bed" I said
I went upstairs to my room, I turned on my T.V and put Kerrang on. I could hear Charlie coming up the stairs,
"Hows Gerard? Can he still teach me the techniques of drawing?" He asked
"Im sure he will, now move i cant be arsed with you right now" I said
"How whats up?" He asked


Gerard Way:
[] Born in April
[] You've been addicted to alcohol and/or drugs
[X] Born a leader
[X] You love drawing and you do it well
[X] You love singing
[] You don't take crap from anyone
[] You're afraid of needles
[] You call your friends by their last names instead of their first
[] You have siblings and love them
[X]You have brown/green eyes
4 out of 10
Mikey Way:
[] Born in September
[X] You play bass
[X]You don't have asthma
[] You are near-sighted
[] You wear glasses
[X] You've had the urge to stick a fork in the toaster
[] Seen as the little kid amongst your family and friends

Got bored so I copied it ! :P

(Put your iPod on shuffle)
Opening scene: save it for the bedroom, you me at six
Getting up: Hello Brooklyn, All Time Low
Going to school: Drowning Lessons, My Chemical Romance
Getting bullied: Danger in starting a fire, A day to remember
Getting a job: Thankyou For the venom, My chemical Romance
Falling in love: Another heart calls, All-american rejects
Getting murdered: brick by boring brick, paramore
Funeral: Cancer, My chemical romance
End credits: I'm not okay (I'm not okay), my chemical romance 
(MCR came a lot /:)

Save our souls (part 7)

The doctors and nurses came running in and kicked us out into the waiting room at first Mikey refused but he evenually went out.
"Dont worry, he'll be okay trust me" I said
"He looked at me, and looked away i only hope so" He said
"Excuse me are you the Way family?" A Nurse asked
"Yes" said Mikey standing up straight away
"He's fine, he's still a bit edgy from the drugs he took" The nurse said 
We all ran in to see him he was sitting up and shot a look at us and put his head down as the tears streamed down his face.

"How are you?" Mikey asked
"Im okay, Im really sorry about the drugs i really

Happy new year from Scotland! (in 45 minutes)

well im not that much into the new year but hey, gotta wish my killjoys one :) so happy new year (in 45 minutes from where i live) :D

Happy new year from Scotland! (in 45 minutes)

well im not that much into the new year but hey, gotta wish my killjoys one :) so happy new year (in 45 minutes from where i live) :D