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Save our souls (PART 24)

"Mikey!" Kelly shouted in surprise. I felt betrayed, used, unloved and stupid. I ran out and felt a sudden burst of anger nothing was stopping me. I ran outside into the cold weather that hut my like a sharp knife but I didn't care. How could she, I thought she loved me? And Bob, he was a good Friend and he knew how much I loved her, I just never seen it coming.

I approached the front door alive, which I was surprised at because the amount of times I had walked out in front of a car.

I fuxking hate my head teacher (Principal)

Ugggg! SHES A BOOT! Were not allowed to wear boots anymore and my feet are always tricking frezzing in shitty dollyshoes. We aren't allowed black or burganday tights, only grey and I only have black tights! D: ahem telling me and my friends to go dye our hair cause imines is red, hayeys Is purple and Mariannes is orange/blonde. She can go take a fuck to herself no Knesset going to follow her stinking rules and SHE'S NOT LETTING US WEAR OUR LIVING DEAD SOULS HOODIES CAUSE THEY 'scare' society! SERIOUSLY! We can do what the fuck we want and nothings going to stop us!

Peace out mother fuckers!

Save our souls (PART 23)

"Right guys your going to learn gun handling today" Sargent Jefferson said 
"Yes!" Frank shouted obviously this was his favourite part.
"Excuse me?" Someone asked walking in the door.
"Yes?" Sargent smith asked
I Immediately looked up if Sargent smith was talking, there stood a girl with jet black mid long hair, she wore a pair of black converse, Black skinnys and a faded Blackout tee.
"I'm here for training, I was told to come from New jersey as they were the placed that lacked co-leaders" She said
"Very well, but remember about the Dress code!" Sargent smith screamed at her
"Yes sir" She

Save our souls (PART 22)

Then we just started talking about a lot of things and found out a lot bout each other.


We walked into the homeroom, this was where everyone sat to talk and get something to eat. We sat down at a table up the very back of the room, where the White paint was fading.
"So, what did you get?" Gerard asked as Ray sat down to the table
"Burger, fries, soda and a cupcake" Ray said smiling at his cupcake.
We all laughed because of the way he smiled at is cupcake, but he just looked at us liken we were crazy.
"Hey, how long do we have in training?" Gerard asked me
"About five to six weeks then

Some stupid moments that make me, me

Well me and my sister were sitting (I still hate her)

Sister: Yeah my friend Chloe is going to see green day
Me: Wait what?! I thought they were dead?!
sister: *Gives unapproved look*
I know it's sad wpbut it was so funny!

Then a while ago

Sister: part of a dude from green days name
Me: JOE!
sister: Aimee it's Tre...
Me: awww
Sister: wait we got it wrong
Me what?
Sister: It's Joe.......
Me: YES! round ye I'm amazing *starts doing the happy dance*

The right there the now

My sisters phone starts going "WHY SO SERIOUS LET'S PUT A SMILE ON THAT FACE HAHAHAH" the joker says as her ringtone.


Well today my mum slept in... -_- I hate her she always gets me up because alarms don't work. So my sister didn't wake me up and left for school now I have to stay off. It's so unfair I have the best subjects today! Biology, Modern studies, English and chemistry!

Save our souls (PART 21)

"I heard that Toro, I guess fifty sit ups is in order at training for you" Sargent Smith said with his back still turned to me. Sofia then started to giggle but kept her hand over her mouth so Sargent Smith didn't hear her. As soon as he walked away we both burst into hysterical laughter.
"Ray, he's going to kill you!" Sofia shouted at me
"Yeah I know, hey what age are you again?" I asked
"17" she replied cheerfully
"Me too!" I said happily
"I also play guitar" she said
"Me too!" I said smiling at her
"Wow!" she said in surprise
"Favourite band?" She asked
"Metalica" I said
"Honestly?, Me

Save our souls (PART 20)


I was walking down the corridor to go into the phone hall but there was so many people and then a boy with an Afro walked not me.
"Oh my god I'm so sorry" I said hoping that I hadn't made him mad.
"No it's entirely my fault" He said taking full responsibility quickly
"Hi what's you name?" I asked him, well because his Afro was cool.
"Ray, Ray Toro" he said 
"Nice to meet you Ray, I'm Sofia and I'm from Boston" I said smiling at him 
There was no answer but he was staring at my jet black tied up hair.
"I'm from New Jersey" he finally replied
"Well it's nice to meet you but I have to go

Save our souls (PART 19)

We had a conversation for about an hour on Mikey and how we couldn't believe he was alive. Then something popped into my mind, Kelly.
"Hey guys see how Kelly, do you think she'll survive?" I asked
"I have no clue now" They both said
"Me either" I said as a figure appeared in the doorway.
"Right boys, as you have noticed Iero you guys finally got a room to yourselves and Massachusetts in now sharing with Boston because we thought, New Jersey has been the place with more volunteers so we gave you this and back to the subject, did you enjoy your phone calls?" Sargent Smith asked
"Yes sir" We all

Save our souls (PART 18)

Sorry it quite short but I had to hurry up and write it because I was leaving for my grans Enjoy Killjoys!


I dialled The home number but no one answered, so I then phoned my mums cell.
After about two rings she answered,
"Hey Gerard" she said happily.
"Hey mum, I got one phone call and I'm using it on you" I said smiling as though she could see me.
"I'm glad you did, I've got something to tell you" she said
"What?" I asked sounding scared now.
"It's Mikey, he's-he's-he's alive" she said 
I was lost for words for a first.
"Why did you not tell me before I left?" I asked in anger.