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Save our souls (PART 28)


I woke up, then I remembered the date it was the 9th of April Gerards birthday.
I ran downstairs but still no Gerard, I had prayed every night that Gerard would come home on his birthday but this was the second year it had failed. I walked into the kitchen where my mom was seated, 
"Hey mom" I said
"Hey, it's Gerards birthday and I was going to send a package do you want to help?" She asked
"Yeah!" I screamed smiling 
"Okay but after school we will organise it" She said 
"Yeah sure" I said grabbing a slice of toast on walking out the front door.
After two years nothing had changed,

Save our souls (PART 27)


"Run!" Ray shouted throwing a gun at me, The dirt blew up into my eyes and the sea water stung my eyes, I knew we were under attack.
"Frank!" I shouted as someone from behind jumped on me,
"Oh my god, I thought you were the enemy there" Frank said
"Yeah well you scared the living shit out of me!" I shouted firing a gunshot into the smoky distance.
"I'm sorry" Frank said running to hide behind a trench, He wasn't safe.
"Frank!!!" I yelled as the enemy pulled him out, I ran but someone grabbed old of me. The spoke in a different language I think it was German.
"Ah Iero, I

Save our souls (PART 26)


"Hey I'm Mikey" Gerards brother said to me, I had to admit he was really cute and beautiful, but Gerard was nicer. 
"Hey" I replied shaking his hand, I knew this was going to be awkward.
"Well we going to the dance?" Gerard asked
"Sure why not?" I repiled holding Gerards hand and pulling him into the highly over decorated hall.

"May I have this dance?" Gerard asked me as 'Wake me up when September ends' came on.
"Sure" I said taking his hand. I saw Mikey from the corner of my eyes, he looked really upset sitting beside Ray and Frank who were consoling him or that's what it looked like.

The kids from yesterday

Dear everybody,

Yes its a real video, on the Nova website it says so. It was INSPIRED BY A FAN so it WILL look like a fan video. The reason it might not be up on here is because it's not on YouTube for at least three weeks or the MCR dudes are extremely busy. So get over it,

Death Candy xo

Kids From Yesterday

The video is amazing :') just all the dedication and time put into the video. Just the way all the old my chem stuff is in it just makes it amazing xD They really are amazing! Thankyou as this killjoy is crying over the dedication :'D

Live life dangerously - Death Candy

Music Video

So theres a Timor going about that theres going to ne a kids from yesterday music video is this true???

Xo- death candy

You give me hate, I get Inspiration..... :D

This poem is about my "Friend" she was a bitch to me yesterday/today. This is how I express myself, read it if you want you may not, I don't exactly care just needed this off my chest :)

The way you stood, The way you looked at me
It was discust and trust me, it wasn't hard
You left me and I had to fend for myself
You walked away with all my friends, treated me like dirt
You promised me everything would be fine, but I'm sorry your just a narstitistic bitch.

You made me feel like dirt, made everyone turn against me,
I cried but you just ignored me, You didn't care if I got killed you would

Save our Souls (PART 25)

"Hey Gerard!, wait up!" A voice called from behind 
"What?!" I asked angrily
"Geez, calm down it only me" Ivy said
"Oh hi, as you can tell I'm extremely pissed off" I said
"Yeah, I gathered Frank was totally out of order" She said
"Yeah" I said sitting down in the homeroom again. 
"Hey who are you bringing to the USO dance?" She asked me
"I don't know,  haven't even told my mum or Mikey" I said
"Who's Mikey?" she asked confusedly
"Oh he's my brother who I thought was dead so I joined the army but he's not" I said
"What?!" She asked even more confused
"Never mind it's a really long story" I


Well I left my story on a cliff hanger and now I has writer block D: NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well some of you dudes and dudetts saw my last blog about my shitty teacher? Yeah well ya see we've decided BRIGHT HOODIES and mines is BRIGHT BRIGHT ORANGE xD and were wearing BRIGHT CONVERSE, VANS OR DOCS AWWW I REALLY CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HER FACE xD