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We shone in the dark, we died in the day
You always had my back, your. Beautiful blonde hair made me shiver
The blood poured from your fangs made it all worthwhile
The music that you made, it saved us all.
Dear Gerard Way you will always be the amazing Vampire

Your fingers trembled as you saw it,
It just sa there waitingto be strummed.
Your amazing blonde hair sweeped across your eyes
You had always been the quiet one but now you showed them what you had
Dear Mikey Way you will always be my inspiration

Your hair flew out to the wall, the light brown tinge made me squeal
You got bullied

Panic! At the disco



Well today at school it was a half day!!!! XD because of inspectors reveiwing the school and in was in Biology last and me and my friend had a maggot fight.....IT WAS SO FUN! xD all the popular people were screaming because one landed on one of their desks....AMAZING DAY! xD


Well today in English we were doing "Imaginative writing" on a magical shop we created and I was sitting writing about it then my teacher comes and takes my jitter and read my story to the class. I'm really shy and she made everyone clap for me at the end of the story and I was so embarrassed and then she came and told me I have a gift in writing. I was happy that she told me that but I guess she was on,y trying to boost my confidence but I don't care anymore.

-Death Candy

Save our Souls (PART 30)


I looked around, I couldnt find Sofia. I was shaking and panicking and my stomach was twisting and turning, I knew she had been took or I would've seen her by now.
"Frank!" I shouted running over to see him and someone else, as I got closer I reLised it as Gerard. 
"Yeah Ray?" He answered
"Sofia, she's gone" I said holding back my tears.
"What?!" Gerard and Frank shouted
"Ray I need to tell you something but it will have to wait until this is done with" Frank said not looking me in the eye, I knew he was keeping something from me but what?


"Ray I need to tell you something but it

I love my friends

Well I was depressed yeatsreday and this morning. My friends know some of welcome to the black parade and they sang it to me! XD I was so happy!!!!! xD they can read me like a book! XD

I think my teacher noticed....

Well in modern studies today, I fell asleep.....xD we were watching this poor kids DVD (It's so sad! D:) I had watched it before and I was leaning on my hand I I drifted off and when woke up we were half way through the DVD (I fell asleep at the start) and I had drewelled on my hand.....My friend noticed but didn't tell anyone but as we left the class my teacher said "have a good sleep tonight" o.O

The only time,,,

Well I've write a French eassy on whatever I want, so yeah I've did it in mcr. This must be the only time I've actually enjoyed doing French homework and made sure every word is correct, I'm actually reading it and smiling. I'm so proud of myself right now :')

Save our souls (PART 29)


I heard screaming and I ran straight back, I looked in the tent and Sofia was gone. 
"Very funny Sof, where are you?" I asked, there was no answer
"Sof!" I shouted again, still no answer. I was really getting worried.
I searched everywhere and couldn't find her this was going to be a long night. 
I heard a loud buzzing noise and looked up to the sky where hundreds of helicopters approched.
"Sargent Vaughn!" I shouted 
"What?!" She shouted back
"Were under attack!" I shouted panicking.
"What?! I'll contact Sargent Smith but until then we stand our ground and fight" She said back 


Tonight, it was meant to be fun but I can tell you IT'S FUCKIN SHIT. My "boyfriend" well ex now, he's in a relationship with another girl without telling me! I haven't told him but still. My dad he's making me out to be a liar and now I hate hima ND he hates me and he's got me self harming again. He's blaming me for the fall out of him and wife and now I can't eat and I'm starving but I feel sick every time I eat and I swear I think I'm starving myself but accident and now my sisters friends are annoying me and screaming and Ive got a really sore headache!
"Maybe it's not my weekend but it's