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Well today, I GOT OUT OF FUCKIN HOAPITAL!!!!!!!!!! xD I'm so happy and tomorrow I'm staying with one of my best friends and then were going to go see woman in black with her dad and brother and I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD great way to start after the hospital! xD

~Death Candy

Why!? -_-

Well, all I've done basically is pass out for o reason and no one knows why! And it's fuckin annoying the shit out of me-_- as most of you know I'm in the hospital and I'm now getting kept in until tomorrow but if I pass out again I'm staying until Sunday! I'm going to end up dying in here! Just to top it all off I can't sleep and I'm on these pills that aren't working and no one knows why again! I honestly just give up, all thesendoctors and nurses have no clue what's up with me now and this is just complete shite.

Happy times again!!!! XD

Well as you all know I went for that operation andit went great! XD and I'm definitely getting the fuck out of here tomorrow and I feel fucking fantastic!!!! xD and I'm allowed to eat again and my mums getting me green day tickets!!!! XD well this is just a little update and I'm going to start posting more parts of save our souls starting Saturday! xD

Keep everything close to you even that mask
~Death Candy


Well peoples just to say the operation went great and I'm getting out of here on Friday hopefully and can't wait! I haven't been able to eat in two days and I'm starving!! Friday I'm going to look to as I can get my life back to normal!!! xD can't wait honestly but Thankyou killjoys for believeing in me, you guys are amazing and inspiring xD it's just to say I'm fine and life's getting back together! xD

~Death Candy

My story (IT'S TRUE)

Dear any Killjoys out there that have been feeling depressed, there is one bit of advice i will always give after recent events, never ever resort to the things I did. It didn't turn out well and now councilling is happening and it's the worst thing ever, but this is the entire reason as this is my story;

I was sitting in my room and then my phone went and it was my dad, I had told him I wasn't going down anymore because of my step mum she said I was worthless and was talking shit about my mum, so I just gave up.

News from the hospital bed.

Well its just to let you all know, I'm still alright but i feel like crap. I honestly dont know why I was so stupid to do that yesterday cause these hospital beds are so uncomfy! D: But on the other side I'm getting that blood transaction tomorrow, I'm getting another persons blood into me cause I lost so much and then on Thursday or Friday I might be getting out depending on how I am!!!! xD But I'm scared I'm only thirteen and this is happening and I'm afraid everything will go wrong!


It's Aimee again. Yeah I've came around a little but still feel like shit, but I'm worried my best friend on this isn't answering me!!??? I'm so scared and so sorry for what I have done I really do love you all and I promise m never doing that again. On the great side m getting out if here in three to four days depending on the blood donations bit it's looking good so far.

So long killjoys

Well this is my final blog, everything's just getting too hard and depressing and everyone would be better without me so this is just a final farewell, always b who you are! This is it, for the final time. Goodnight

Sorry but once again....

Once again everything has kicked off. After everything with Nina and the gu, my dad and step mum have started! -_- Yesterday ALL my family went to mu uncles 60th were me and my sister asked? NO! I'm so fed up with it and now he basically doesn't care. He asked my brother and that but left out me and my sister. He has lost both of us and he doesn't care to even come and see us at our mums. Now my brother has realised what he is, A FUCKING LIAR! He promised me everything would be fine fuck no it's not.

Fuck this shit.

Well my "Friend" Nina, yeah you heard about her in my last blog, how the guy I like likes her. She laughed at me today when I told her I really liked the guy. She said I wasnt good enough for him! Maybe im not but she could have let me sown easier. Then she went about telling everyone that went into town with us that I liked him, He was one of them. All my friends told her to shut up but she ignored them and still went up and told him.