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Just realised I haven't don this yet, so thankyou

Well a couple of days ago and about a month ago I nearly died and so many killjoys helped me through everything I relly do owe you guys everything!!!!!! xD Thankyou for being such an amazing family :)

~Death Candy

It's called "Dreams" It was inspired by Disenchanted and My friend Pat (That's his nickname xD) but I guess to really get it I need to tell you what I want to do? Well I want to join the marines. Yeah Im a girl wanting to fight for a country, but I need to go to the US as the Scottish marines don't let girls in -_-

"I'm gonna tell you what I want,
If you disagree, i don't care
Because I'm gonna go far with this,
It's gonna change my life forever,
But I don't care because this is what I want.
You tell me "no" every single day,
But I ain't backing down on this no, no, no
This is me a d what

So writing some music....

Well lately (Mainly last night) I have been writing music. I've got lyrics and a tune! XD Ive never had a proper tune but my favourite tune on the songs I've wrote has to be "Left Alone" It's about my depression from last night and my friend. When I write music I'm never depressed It makes me happy no matter how depressing or bad the song is it always keeps me calm and happy! XD think I know what I'll be doing alot more often oh and by the way I was asked to join my other friends band and play bass! MAJORLY EXCITED! xD

Update on other shit- Well I have counciling now!

Why the fuck do I feel like this?

I help nearly everyone with this feeling, I'm the one who nearly died because if this feeling, I promised that I'd give it up but it's just to hard. Yeah I'm proud that it's been a week and 3 days since I last cut but that's going to end soon.
It's my "Best friend" She always depraises me and I'm fuckin sick of it.

I want to help so here it goes....

Well I'm seeing all these blogs about depression and sucide, I know how hard it is to resist so once again this is why you should never do it.

I did, I was in the hospital for days and I swear it WASNT worth it I promise all you killjoys out there nothing good comes from it. You seem alone, your never alone you have every killjoy that's online on this and were ALWAYS here to help you. One of my best friends, she committed suicide and I still cry to this day and she did it about four Yeats ago when we were only nine.

Save our souls (PART 35)

"Thanks" I said hugging her back.
Then the plane took off.

We finally landed after twelve hours of flying, we couldn't be bothered driving so we just got a hotel near the airport. We walked in and everyone noticed us straight away, 
"Hello, welcome to Barrasmed hotel how many rooms would you like?" The receptionist asked us
"Erm well" Gerard started counting everyone "Five please" He said
"No bother" She said. Gerard handed the money over to her for the rooms and Sofia started hugging us all
"Thanks guys I love you all!" she said to us all 
"It's no bother and we love you too" I said pressing

Save our souls (PART 34)

"Sofia!" I shouted and I felt a tear fall from my eyes. 
"Hey Mikey!" She shouted hugging me back tightly
"How are you?" I asked
"I'm good and I can see you guys are great" She said looking to the rest of us
"Yep" We all replied
"Last time I saw you guys preform was when there were five people in a basement and one was homeless" She said laughing
We all started laughing remembering the homeless guy, how he tried to sell us our set back to us.
"Yeah, great times" We all replied
"So what brings you here?" Frank asked putting down his guitar
"Just wanted to come and see my best friends and the


Well, my mums away to Benidorm with me! D: but her friends looking after me and shes awesome! xD So im not exactly bothered but still gutted that she went without me....but I have the MCRmy to talk to when im bored or alone ! xD oh and ONE YEAR AGO TODAY I DISCOVERED MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!!!!!!!!!!! xD How time flies....

Save our souls (PART 33)

"Yeah, but before we go where's Ray?" I asked slightly confused everyone looked down and Frank breathed heavily.
"He's dead" Frank finally said, I was shocked and felt my eyes water up.
"What? He's dead?!" I shouted this time with the tears falling.
"Calm down Mikey" Gerard said trying to console me,
"Fuck off!" I shouted and walked to my car and sat down in the drivers seat furiously. Gerard came over to the window himself, 
"I'm sorry, I tried I swear but it was too late" He said with a tear in his left eye.
"You could have done more or he would be here!" I shouted at him
"Mikey, I'm so

Sleepover and woman in black! XD

Well yesterday I stayed with my best friend Hayley! XD it as amazing we got red wigs and ran about town pretending we were Gerard and Animal out of the muppets! :) It was amazing but then when we went home, we had forgot her dad had booked tickets for us to go see Woman In Black! We both were really excited and it was really scary for us two she sat and held my wrist throughout the entire film (Were not lesbians before you ask) the ending was sad though! D: but in general it was a fuckin great sleepover and movie! XD