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Falling apart (Part 4)

I lay there in shock.
Did Gerard, the guy I have been best friends with since we were kids just say he liked me? Oh my fucking god.
"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to make anything awkward. Oh my god, I'm such a dick I need to go. I'm so sorry"
I interupted him by kissing his pale lips softly. He kissed back straight away.
In all honesty, I have always really liked Gerard. This was a dream come true.
We broke away and I rested my forehead on his.
"So I guess you like me too?" He asked. What a stupid question.
"No, I kissed you for the sheer and utter laugh of it.

Falling apart (Part 3)

I sat and stared into space.
Gerard was away making some coffee for himself and I. I still couldn't believe he had done this, I'm not angry that he has joined. I mean it is a noble thing to do, I'm just annoyed that he never told me that he was doing this. Best friends are meant to tell each other everything but for Gerard, he obviously doesn't think that.
"Here's your coffee" Gerard said walking into the room placing it down on the small wooden coffee table.
"I don't want it anymore" I said still staring off into space.
"Look, I'm really sorry.

Falling apart (Part 2)

WELL! I've decided to name the fanfic! :D
This part is really really short as I'm not well and can't be bothered writing... sorry guys :c

I sat in my living room, waiting for him.
It was ten to nine and Gerard still wasn’t here yet, where was he?
I sat on the cold red leather chair looking out the window, only to see teenagers out having fun together. It reminded me of how Gerard, Mikey, Ray and I used to be. I wanted that friendship back so badly.

Finally, I saw a dark hooded figure turn the corner into my street. I could tell it was Gerard by the way the figure walked.
He knocked on my

I've started writing again!

Hey! Here's a little part of some of my new fanfic I've started writing! I still don't know what to call it though.. Please comment what you think :) It's really really short by the way!

I looked across the hall, I saw him there. My best friend Gerard Way. Everyone said he was weird and not to socialise with him but I am just as bad as him.
I walked over and took the seat beside him as he smiled up at me.
“Hey Katy” He whispered
“Hey Gee, hows life?” I asked him
“Sit down boys and girls! I have an announced to make!” Mr. Kingsman shouted to all 5,000 of us.
“I’ll answer that question later”

Shit D:

Well guys I've broke my iPad.. That horrible thin is though is that ALL my fanfics I was writing were on it.. I had started three new ones and they were quite good in my opinion... Ugh I'm so stupid at times xD
Oh well, I'm writing a new one named death is only a wish.. I'll post it when I'm finished the first part :')

Hi guys..

Well hello.. I haven't been on here in ages and I've had to read a fuck load of fanfics, it's great.
Well my life is okay I suppose but I'm still really depressed but oh well, my friend Owen really helps me through it and he's amazing so if your reading this now then you're great!
Oh and my best fried hates me because I like the same butane likes even though I've liked him for so much longer... :/
Aw well, life goes on! :)

Well if any of you have twitter please follow me?
@ForgetAnd_Laugh :)

Slipped back in.

Just to make this clear, this is not a suicide post.
Well that's me slipped back into depression. Oh the joys. Why can't I be a normal person and not suffer from depression every month, every week, every day? It's annoying. It's getting so bad I'm having to stay off school because I feel like I'll end up killing myself or something like that if I go back because I wouldn't be able to cope. I promised my family I'd stop and for the last month they think that I have stopped being depression. So fucking wrong.
I feel like I'm worthless, hopeless, horrible, a waste of space, unwanted, lonely,

Day 4 of depression: I wouldn't call it depression anymore, would I?

Wednesday 9 May 2012:

I'm feeling much better than I was, and I'm over the moon with that! I smiled today, a lot. It was a meaningful smile at that! I haven't smiled like that in ages and it really did feel great!
Only one thing got me down today, school. It always gets you down but this time I almost started crying. Word got out that I was off school with depression. Fuck. I got called Emo, faggot, suicidal, depressing cunt but in all honesty I really couldn't care less. I'm happy and it's the first time in ages and I'm not letting that hold me back!
One more thing, I met this guy today....

You can run away with me anytime you want (Part 9)

"Oh my god Gerard, that's actually a great idea!" Ray said clapping "As long as I'm the lead guitarist" He said sternly 
"I want to to be the rhythm guitarist then!" Frank shouted putting his hand up as if he was in class
"And I'm Bass!" Mikey shouted 
"I want to do Drums!" Sam shouted as well
"I want to be the sound guy!" I shouted only because all the good parts I wanted were gone
"Hey it was only an idea but I think this may be able to work, you want a part Ivy?" Gerard asked
"No I'm good, I'm not really into being in a band but if you want I'll help on decorating, I've always been quite

Day 3 of depression: Fucking hell

Tuesday 8 May 2012:

Well I'm still not out my depression. I fucking hate it. I'm always getting suicidal thoughts now and I have no clue what to do. I can't tell my mum or family, my mum just doesn't understand and the rest of my family I basically just can't trust. I can't trust anyone these days. Except two people.
I told my friend today, so much for a fucking friend! She told me to get over it and it was pointless! Obviously I mean nothing to her like I do to most people. She wants me dead probably, people a school want me dead. Everyone wants me dead.