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I can't believe it's over.....MCR, I already miss y'all I just can't imagine a world without you guys, you made me who I am today you made me, ME! I will be devoted forever and always :)


Sometimes I am mad at you. Not because you've hurt me or have broken my heart.I'm mad at you because you did not do anything. You've never smiled to me. You've never really talked to me. You've never looked at me with your sunlit eyes. You've never whispered sweet things in my ear. You've never promised me to make it better. You've never hugged me. You've never said the things I wanted to hear from you. I'm mad at you because you've never been in love with me to. You've never loved me back. While I was so incredibly, clumsily, irrevocably in love with you.

But, to be honest, I am mad at you


People live there lives as if they have a tomorrow

Have you ever realized that tomorrow could be the day you die

Have you ever thought of the people around you

or were you to blinded by your own needs

by your own problems, The world needs to take off its blindfold

and put on it’s boxing gloves, we need to fight for our freedom

fight for our rights, you might not have anything left but still you keep on fighting

you give them hell until your dead Dont give up until you have nothing to live for

nothing to fight for


“be a fighter”

Sitting Waiting Reading...Whatever

Hello People,
Im new here, My name is Malak ;P
I am a shy Lebanese girl. I like skateboarding,
drumming, and have been boxing for 10 years.
I like singing in the shower and making silly
faces in the mirror. I am just a modern day hippie
trying to find my place in this hectic World.
This is my life, And your here to read my story.
~Malak (you only have once chance to change your life for the better)