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I've Calmed Down a Bit..

So I posted something earlier that I probably shouldn't have. I deleted it after because I was angry and impulsive. It's true that everything we're hearing are just rumors with no factual evidence, and either way its the personal lives of the band and I'm going to respect that, even if others wont.
I just wanted to say that I am truly sorry to everyone connected to what happened in Aurora, Colorado. I found out the morning of, and I couldn't believe it. None of you deserved the losses you suffered, and I can't imagine the pain you're in.
Stay strong!

It's MCR Day!!!

I made a cake this morning and we finally got to eat it after dinner. It was originally gonna be the Killjoy Colours with black lettering of the band's name, but then I messed up so I decided just to do some sort of abstract messy swirly design :P. It was still good cake though, and today gave me an excuse to drink a shit ton of coffee. :) I also made sure to drink some juice while I was killing... yeast? This band just means so much to me, as I'm sure they mean so much to all of the fans.


Thank you for your crazy guitar skills, your musical genius, and all-around awesomeness. The dedication you have to the band, the music, and the fans. It's a kind of dedication a lot of people wish they could have, and you make use of it brilliantly. All of the MCRmy loves you dearly and we all hope you have the best birthday you've ever had. (So far, of course). :) <3

I had to try this XD

1. Put your iTunes on shuffle (Or Mp3 Player, or whatever you use)
2. When you get your song title, add "in my pants" after the song. YOU MUST WRITE IT NO MATTER HOW FUNNY IT SOUNDS
3. Do this 20 times

1) Because in my pants
2) Another Brick in the Wall in my pants
3) Wonderful Christmastime in my pants
4) Human in my pants
5) Eminence Front in my pants
6) No Light, No Light in my pants
7) Tourette's in my pants
8) This River is Wild in my pants
9) The End in my pants
10) Long Live Rock in my pants
11) Track 01 in my pants
12) Shake it out in my pants
13) Out of the Ashes in my Pants
14) Who

I'm freaking out and so excited and sakldfnlkaj.

So am I the only one on here excited for the release of the new Killers single?

Cause I am REALLY excited.

Like, I've set my alarm for an hour early excited.

Like, i'm doing a dance and jumping around and acting like I did when I found out MCR was recording for their next album excited.


Just Another "they saved me" story.

I know half of the MCR fans probably have a story like mine or probably more extreme, but this just recently happened, so I thought I'd share :). For the past two years, I had been in a secret downward-spiraling depression. I basically hated myself; I called myself fat, stupid, lazy, etc. But I also hated myself for BEING depressed. There are so many people in the world who have it way worse than I, and I had no right to complain.

I need a cure!!!

ALL DAY I have had "Lights" by Elie Goulding stuck in my head. ALL. FREAKING. DAY. It's almost 2 AM where I am now and I still haven't got rid of it. I feel like I have tried everything.

What I'm saying is,

I don't know anyone,

But if it isn't too much trouble,

Is someone able to help me??

When in doubt, talk about music. :D

Please note: If being read (not much chance of that though), the following may morph into strange ramblings from the mind of a strange teenage girl listening to too much Pulp and Pink Floyd.

So here, there was going to be a strange bit of writing that I had spontaneously come up with in the last hour and a half while listening to both Pulp and Pink Floyd on repeat (cause who doesn't want to do that?) but after finishing it, I actually read it, and realised it maybe might a bit to gruesome to post just yet, so instead I've decided to post about this band that I really like! Yay!

They're called


I tend to be overly empathetic, and it doesn't help that a lot of my friends are depressed (some clinically so). I understand that being a teenager means you're going to be confused, upset, angry, etc., it just comes with the territory. But some of my friends have actually hurt themselves, and I have have fallen asleep crying because I don't know how to help them and just thinking about how much pain they must be in.

Not the best topic for a first post...

So, having recently become obsessed with Tumblr, joining this site, and just reading a lot more blogs in general, I started wondering WHY people both write and read blogs. Do we write because we are all just narcissists who finally have a way to feed that desire for attention? We spill our self-centered guts to the world because we need someone to listen to us for a while? Do we read because we want to laugh at the silly people who post petty problems and can't get their life together? But not all blogging is like that, is it?