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Here come the tears

Oh my god okay.
Not half an hour after I dive into researching everything possible in order to get a solid theory going about how MCR planned to come back.
Gerard's tweet.
Jesus christ aaannndddd I'm crying again.
Group cry time okay? C'mon all of you, bring it in.
*Hugs entire MCR fandom*

You guys rock.

Okay. Let me just say I love all of you. Every single recruit of the MCRmy. You have been more family to me than my own blood, and I only know the majority of you over the internet.
A long time ago in a land far away (2 years ago, exactly where I'm sitting now) I was suicidal. Seriously, SERIOUSLY suicidal. I was just waiting for something to spur me into completing the job. It's a wonder I found you all at the time I did.

A theory about MCR5

Okay...I put a lot of thought into this, and I think it's possible that this COULD be the music video plot-line for MCR5...
The picture I included is a fairly old tweet from Gerard, right? A teaser snap-shot from when they were filming 'Sing' of Party Poison getting zipped up in the Better Living body bag with the simple caption "Killjoys never die." I have no idea how I thought of it, but an idea occurred to me: what if this is My Chemical Romance's sly way of foreshadowing to us that in fact, the Killjoys AREN'T dead...they just aren't really Killjoys anymore.
Remember in Sing, when Party