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Who else thinks GUN is the best CW song so far? Man this song is just an incredible song that you cant help but to just dance and sing along. The lyrics in the song are very deep and thoughtful however. Man, it really pisses me off that MCR songs like this dont get the recognition they deserve. But i dont think i want MCR to be popular with "mainstream music" it feels a lot more private too me while i listen to them. So i say let everybody listen to Kanye West and Katy Perry, i got MCR AND THEY PLAY REAL MUSIC!!!!!!!!

gerard way new solo song!!??

I just saw on this web site that gerard way just streamed a new song called "zero zero".....

Has anyone heard it or knew about this?

I cant do it!!!!!!

i found Ambulance online this morning and listened to the first 15 seconds of it but i couldnt do it. I've waited this long and i would rather just wait until Black Friday to hear it.

Conventional Weapons

So, after hearing the first 2 songs from CW I actually relise what they meant and why they wanted to go in a different direction (Danger Days). I feel as tho they were kind of tired/depressed of the darkness especially after The Black Parade (a very dark dark album). Looking at the lyrics from Tomorrow's Money, and Boy Division they remind me very much of Danger Days. I think they just took Conventional Weapons and brightened it up. Can't wait for more songs to come out.

Was Boy Division and Tomorow's money a leak?

i know its due to come out on the 30th and i saw it came out today for some reason but now i cant find the full versions of the songs anywhere can someone send me a link?