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love mcr

Hey everyone. I love My Chemical Romance and can't wait for the greatest hits. Follow me on twitter I need some more MCR fans. My names N.J. Kaiser look me up and follow. Thanks

omg guys i think this clearly means the band will start under a new name... stripped down band

An evil dictator. Which is their record company! And the only way they can get out of the next album is if they disband. I bet the record company didn't want this next album to be like it is and they were like fine. We will disband same thing happened to conventional weapons the record didn't like it and made them do a more upbeat album.... danger days

it cant end like this

How can it end like this. A simple post on a blog saying goodbye... I've listened to mcr all my life and I must say this isn't very mcrish to do. I imagined a one last farewell tour with fireworks and ending on welcome to the black parade in like 5 yrs. Not a paragraph on a website... what gives!

MCR rip 9/11/01- 3/23-13

Did not see this coming. Especially with "MCR 5" on the way... I'm shocked and saddened. I need an explaination from them...... I hope gerard has a solo career he's such a great singer

Burn Bright/Surrender the Night

Wow! if you have not heard these new MCR songs i feel bad for you. Two of i would say their top 2 songs ever. Just amazing lyrics and sound. It pisses me off how when i turn on the radio i dont hear songs even close to this caliber. society is so messed up! MCR deserves every Grammy.