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I finally asked the guy who made my sophomore year hell why he did it. He sent facebook messages to me about him liking me as a joke. It was a big mistake to ask because he still has not given me a clear answer. Because of him I found the people who im friends with now and who introduced me to MCR so maybe its not all bad but it really hurt

needs advice

There is a guy in my school who keeps asking me if I like him like him. I don't know what to tell him he is kinda in my group of friends and I don't want everyone to be mad at me if I say no. I wish I knew what to do any advice.

What a day

I have finally realized that for the past couple of years people have been using me. My so called friends have been taking my money food and time. I would be there for any of them but whenever I need them they can't be there for me. I have never honestly had one single friend, I have had nothing but people use me and stab me in the back.

Senior Year

Just realized how fast this year is going, I just submitted my first college application. I really just can't wait to get out of this small town and have life start.