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i think I might become a vegetarian

My history teacher made my class watch a movie food inc. today. It was right after lunch and I felt sick to my stomach afterwords. I can't believe people can actually treat animals so badly.

Worst Thanksgiving ever

I hate having a cousin my age! My cousin brags about herself all the time do I feel bad that I don't have a boyfriend and I'm not going to winter ball yes I do but I DO NOT need to be reminded of it. Plus why do you need to insult my car yes its small it only has two doors and can only fit four people in it at least I can drive she does not even have a license. She brags about herself all the time I hate it so much.

how can I help him

My two best friends just broke up after 8 months together. I honestly feel really bad for my guy friend everyone is taking the girl's side because she broke up with him because of supposed just cause. He says he does not want to talk about it but I think he needs to. I never seen him cry so much he looked a mess worse of all is that we have the same lunch as her tomorrow. Not sure what to do should I do anything. This would be so much easier if I knew what he is thinking.

Had an amazing day

I woke up in a great mood this morning and everything went my way. First I had chorus first period today then my Psychology teacher was not in. Later the my current events class that I forgot to do homework in did not meet. I did a lab during Genetics. Most importantly I got a 91 on my math test.

10 minutes till cookies

Yes i am going to eat cookies for lunch and no I am not going to share them with anyone. I went and put them in the over my sister did not help therefore she gets zero.

why won't he leave me alone

Alright so today the guy i've been telling you about emailed me and told me how horrible i am and how he never should have trusted me. i apologized what else am i supposed to do. I wish he would leave me alone he promised he would never talk to me again hes breaking this promise to me. i cant wait until he is out of my life for good.

I survived

Last night was my sisters sleepover and I lived through it. The funny thing I fell asleep before they did. Today I woke up and they at everything , I had a total of 8 grapes for breakfast. Their going home soon but after I have to go to work. Only a few more hours though I can make it.

little sisters

My younger sister is having SIX of her friends sleepover tonight. They are 12 so their into one direction and all of that pop music. I am going to have to listen to that blaring from the next room till who knows how long. Hopefully I can make it.

losing a friend

Well he finally knows the truth about us. I can't help but feeling sad about it. today i tried talking to him but he said he doesn't want to talk to me anymore. I feel guilty kind of like its my fault. well that is because it is sure what went on was better than pretending to like him that way bu I could have and it would have saved us both from feeling like this. He wont even let me apologize I did not think this would hurt this much.

What did I get Myself into this time

What in the world would give me the ok to give this guy my number. Really I already told you people about the guy at school who likes me and how he is a jerk. Well to day he was on face book and started talking to me then out of the blue asks me for my number. now hes texting me all these things on how sweet i am and how he can trust me. I still dont trust him he tinks we are going out again what do I do