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i decided my New Years Resolution

For the rest of 2013 I will stop teasing scaring and bothering my younger sister. See I have realized that since I am graduating in June next school year I will be away at college. I want her to miss having me around therefore I need to give her tons of happy memories before I leave. Plus it will be nice and all. Now I will only use these qualities on people who deserve them like people who bother and annoy me at school heck I won't see them in a few months anyway.

Don't want to go to school tomorrow

I don't feel like dealing with the people in my school anymore. When I am with the people from school I get sad I feel like I am an outsider I don't have friends. Everyday I have lunch basically alone until someone comes over to where I am sitting usually looking for money food or gum. They all use me for these three things that is not having friends that is having paid employees. Its like their job to sit there I basically pay them. I hung out with my little sister today we listened to music every song I ended up playing was called weird. I now have a secret weapon though.

i have officially spent all my Christmas money

That is all

Happy New Years

I realize that I never completed my New Years resolution from last year. I also think it is unrealistic I am not going to magically weigh 100 pounds. I don't care what the people are my school that eat lunch with me say I am not too skinny and its not their body so its none of their buisness

My friend's younger brother is trying to set me up with my friend

So this was really weird because for the past few weeks this boy has been stealing his brother's cellphone and texting me about how his brother and I should date. The weird thing is how persistent he actually is he even found me on facebook and had an hour conversation about this. My friend and I have discussed about how we do not like each other in that way at all. But his brother now won't leave me alone.

No one even cares

It is so surprising that all of my so called friends have not heard from me since last Thursday and have not seemed to care one bit. Sure I was on vacation but not one of them asked about it at all. For all they knew something bad happened. Today i came home and I realized the reason not one person called text or e-mailed me was because none of them care enough about me. I done when school starts back up I won't talk to them any more I just won't.

Today Sucked (lack of better word)

It just did my "friends" are jerks. One of my friends just recently broke up with one of the greatest guys I have ever met. Today her best friend and I were in Chorus class and she was making fun of him. She said that he and his best friend were always together because they were gay. We were supposed to have lunch but she blew me off. When I got to the cafeteria I saw him and his friend. I had to tell him what she was saying its horrible to treat someone like that. He told me he got comments like that all trough middle school and now even in his senior year it is happening.


Okay so today before homeroom I was talking to my friend and my other friend came and started talking to us as well. So the first one saw her boyfriend and left. So my friend asked me why i was actually talking to her. She actually wants me to stop talking to this other girl. I don't want to stop talking to this person the other friend of mine used to be friends with her too but a lot of things were done and said between the two so they don't speak to each other a lot. What can I do someone is going to be mad at me either way.


Today I got my first acceptance letter to college.

Going through the 5th degree today