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One Question

Why should I get in trouble for not answering the phone when my mother does not like the person on the other end? Really either way I am going to have to here about the person I am saving her time and aggravation she should thank me.

Dyed my hair yesterday

Now its a really pretty light brown everyone at my high school liked it today

Dyed my hair yesterday

Now its a really pretty light brown everyone at my high school liked it today

To all those concerned

I'm fine. My family might have its weird moments with fighting and everything. But everything is going to be fine. My dad was kind of mad that my mom invited her friend over our house. My sister also had her middle school dance tonight she had a lot of fun. I am used to the yelling I have grown up with someone getting yelled at all the time. I am more used to my mom at it than my dad though so hearing it scared me a little.


I just need someone to talk to right now if hats okay.

Best Day Ever

I got 100 on my Psychology and my Finance tests. I finally got peace and quiet at school no one bothered me at all. I ordered new contacts and got my glasses fixed. Now I am at home just listening to music and relaxing.

Just joined twitter

It must be fun being those people who have more followers that things they are following

Looked my name meaning on Urban Dictionary

Nicole is defined as a good natured person. She is true to herself and she doen't care what others think. She loves music, even if other people don't like her music. She is honest and trustworthy. If she says those three little words (I love you), then she means it. She always has her friends back and is someone to talk to. If she is short, then don't underestimate a small person. Small people have big hearts. She could be violent on some occasions, but not typical. She is the best friend you could have.

Just had the best brownies

So brownies and chocolate cake are similar in many ways. But which one is better? Opinions

Missing someone