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Amazingly cool day

I received a academic scholarship to college. Today has been the greatest day of my life so far. It was so cool that my college actually called me to tell me this. I'm on cloud nine nothing can bring me down.

really excited

This semester I have English with my best friend she is the most awesome person in my school.

Its not the end of the world

Some people are relating this whole Mikey thing to the same extent as if someone told them the sky was falling. The guy is human people change their minds about certain situations on a whim. There are lots of people who have done tons of worse things in this world and if he was not in a band that you liked then you would be like the billions of people who don't care at all.

I had a cookie

It was a chocolate chip one. It was as big as my head. Having desert for lunch is the best thing ever.

Tired cold and alone

The times when other people are home with me is when i feel most alone. I know that it sounds weird to say this but its true. When i am by myself I listen to music that others don't know I listen to (My sister knows about my MCR obsession my parents don't that is the way I like things) They are just the people who ruin really good things in my life. i should not say these things but after my parents know about the things i like they always bad mouth them. Right now I am trying to avoid my parents I am not the perfect child in their eyes right now.

You all might be mad at me for saying this

My sister and I deserved everything we got the past few days. If we were not such screw ups than my mother would not be mad at us so much. Well at least I deserve it. I am the biggest let down to have for a child. I am not consistent I have nothing to offer anyone. I have no friends no talent no motivation. She is right to be upset with me.


today started exam week in my school luckily for me half of my exams were projects.

Fighting again

It seems my family can never really be happy. This week the arguments were between my mother and the two kids ( my sister and I). When my mom gets mad it almost always ends up physical. She smacked my sister in the face with her science fair paper because she did not include her bibliography. I am supposed to be going to college next year how can I leave my sister with that woman. Telling people of this is hard I am only getting able to talk about this now after the long period of time this has been going on.

Not sure why but i love this song
Indifferent day

My friend came back from his extended vacation finally my other two friends got back together another pair of my friends stop fighting but with all of this I am indifferent. I thought if some of these things happened i would be happier but I feel even more numb than before. Its not like I am sad or upset I just don't feel anything it is just so tiring.