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Needs help about problems with guys
You have a girlfriend now have her buy you lunch

I hate guys who go and flirt with you to get you to do things for them. This guy who is sort of gross and has a girlfriend always asks me to buy him lunch. Today he even stole my lunch he sat with my friends and he won't leave me alone. I have had problems with this guy before but nothing ever got done about it. How can I get him to leave me alone for the next 4 months?

rethinking what happened this week

I think a guy in my school likes me again. I just have been really nice to him but I am nice to a lot of people. He is so nice and sweet right now but he is my friend's ex and he gets really mean sometimes. I know I should explain how I feel but this is the third time I will have to tell him this and each time things backfire on me so that I am the one who gets hurt at the end. What should I do to get out of this situation.

sad just don't know why

Today was my first day back from school after February break. Had a easy schedule to come back to. Had lunch with my friends not that bad. Alright lying to one of my friends may have triggered the sad thing or that my other friend punched me for no reason wait that was because I asked about her ex and he happened to be walking right passed us. They were both justifiable. I lied to my friend and told her I would eat everything I packed for lunch. I could not do so not really a big deal. As for my other friend its not my fault. I did not see the guy their he just appeared.

i am a loser

I really think I am. I don't have many friends. I have had an entire vacation week and no one has bothered to call text even acknowledge my existence. I have been feeling this way for a few years now so its not just today. Well I have my sister I guess. Wait even she has friends she is going to a sleepover Friday. Well life could be worse maybe yeah I will go with that. That kid at school is right I do talk too much. At least you people don't have the high-pitchness of my voice on top of it all that would annoy you even more.

i am a horrible sister

My mom decided basically go after my sister again. She lost some paper and her room was a mess. I understand my sister is not perfect and that I am a hypocrite for being mad at my mom for doing something I want to do myself but what she did was wrong. Will I tell it to her face no I don't feel like dealing with her right now or ever. No one should go and hit a twelve year old in the face unless the person doing the hitting is younger than twelve. I did nothing to stop it either I just sat there like an idiot why didn't I help her.

I hate being sick

My entire body hurts right now and I am freezing. I already know I am going to end up puking. I have this intuition about this kind of thing. I a tired of being home tv is horrible and there is nothing I can do.

Pulling a Valentines day prank

So my school announced that the were selling carnations for valentines day. I know that I have horrible friends they wouldn't buy one for me. I am however going to buy some for them. But I am going to write on the card for my two guy friends that it is from each other. It will be really funny.

a letter I will never be able to send

Dear Mom,
How do I start this? I have been waiting a long time to confront you about all the things you have done. My "emotional problems" you call upon so much are because of you. My "social problems" are also because of you. I have had to learn how to form my life around you. The reason I do not have many friends is because you hate driving. I learned at a young age that being in a car with you is a horrible thing. You screamed at me from before the engine started until we got to the destination.

Fridays are even worse than Mondays

Friday just prolongs the weekend from happening. I also hate having math lunch level on Friday I hate most of the people in my new public speaking class. Sorry just stating all the things I hate about school so glad its over in June.