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We Are Survivors

A couple of bullets and three cheers to twelve years of My Chemical Romance. Its been a year but MCR still lives and we still will remain in the MCRMY marching on through this world and the paths we take. My Chem breaks my heart but mends it back together every time. I am not gonna use the its an idea speech, MCR is simply a band that will live forever here and forever in our hearts, forever in the ways we lighten up, forever wherever we go.
My Chemical Romance, you were one heck of an amazing, inspiring band and always will be, and maybe one day we will see you rocking the fuck out of those

We'll Carry On

Well..May Death Never Stop You is out and..its really great they made the greatest hits but deep inside it hurts just as much. I don't even know where to start..I just feels like a part of me kind of died. MCR is everything to me, they're basically all I've got, they saved and still are saving my life, and I'm pretty sure you understand what I made me reconsider my life and keeps me going though I feel like giving up a lot.

The fact of being depressed, having a disorder that drives me crazy. No relative knows because I get told I exaggerate a lot, so I keep it to myself.

In Case You Need A Laugh

Alright, so as the title says, in case you're feeling a bit down and need a laugh, you should totally watch this! I've watched it about ten times now and I'm still laughing hahahah xo

Homophobia Is Gay

So, yeh, today I was at school for my physics exam and once I was done I was stuck at school a while sitting outside on the campus with a bunch of people and overhearing homophobic stuff they were saying. Yeh sadly, I deal with homophobes everyday. Which makes me repeatedly ask the question; WHY?

See, I hear a lot the being gay/bi/lesbian is wrong. Well geniuses, if its so wrong please tell me why your dear god created them? I can't seem to understand why we were created and then get told that a total natural thing like love is wrong.
I am not racist, and I have nothing against god.


This is probably my favorite song on Danger Days but I don't listen to it a lot because I always end up crying a river, but here's the live acoustic they made at the 98.7FM Penthouse.
PS. Make sure you have a box of tissues next to you just in case, if you watch it xo

The Special Department In Hell, I mean, School

School. It sucks for three reasons: the kids. the teachers. the system.
Everyday at my school, whatever happens, two words come to my mind: 'Fuck Logic.' I actually have to go to school this Saturday for my physics exam, so I went to take the last of my physics revision today, but I had to leave the lesson early because, the fucking system.

Where Do We Go From Here?

I don't even know where I'm going anymore. I just want to sit at home all day listening to music and sorting my life out. I know where I want to go, I just don't know where or how to start..I kind of started working on everything now but what comes next? I'm off to college in a while and i've been worried about it since eighth grade..I pretty much fucked everything up now. Maybe I should just go on with what I'm doing now and whatever comes next, I might just be ready for it when the time comes, I dunno really..I'm pretty much stuck on the same spot now and I have no idea where I'm going.


You guys here, the MCRmy, are actually the best people I could actually have as friends, in all honesty people around me and this fucked up world are all just pissing me off and I am literally sick of their shit, all the backstabbing and indirect blaming, the criticism and never being good enough although you never did/do anything, you pretty much just sit there all day with your earphones in your ears blasting MCR on full volume.


Alright so as we all know, a couple of days ago Frank tweeted that 'Tyler Butts Y'all' is the new YOLO, so I decided to make an edit and tweet it to him, here's the link: so I went on twitter now and see that Frank tweeted something and it was the picture I tweeted him, here:

Frank Iero stole my picture.


Alright, so I just went to the store and I met an old friend of mine..she was actually my best friend and I still really like her, I just don't know what happened, we drifted apart I guess, she started acting a bit differently because of the people the hung out with but its okay. See, everyone around me always told me shes like, not a good person and everything but she was actually great! I told her many secrets of mine and she was actually the only person I would have talked to about my problems and shit, everyone else who knew them would tell every other person the knew, but guess what?