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hateful mask

follwed the advice you gave me
and changed the first part
what do you think of it?
criticisms are welcome here

are you numb or just blind?
why aren't you noticing?
how can't you see
my masking hate?

been played for nothing
have betrayed by everything
my love for you
has turned into never ending hate

hate for being a fool
regret for giving a chance
hurt for even loving you
and sorrow for my innocence

that you took away like trash
leaving me dirty and broken
behind this smiling face
i wish you goodluck

for hell will sort you out
along with other traitors
liars and frauds like you
until the


[x] Talked back to a teacher. (HAPPENS EVERYDAY, EVERY TEACHER)
[] Been kicked out of a class. (ENGLISH)
[] Worn your pajamas to school.
[x] Had your tooth fall out during school. (GRADE 2)
[X] Gotten yourself lost in your school. (1ST DAY OF SCHOOL)
[X] Broken the dress code in your school. (WRONG UNIFORM)
[x] Completely and utterly failed a test. (HOME ECONOMICS)
[X] Left your class without asking anybody. (MATHEMATICS)
[X] Missed a whole week of school for something stupid. (FEVER)
[] Thrown up your lunch in school.

[] Argue with your parent[s] a


hi guys!
having writer's block for two weeks now....
trying to write some poems but turns out to be crappy
my lovelife is in the drain
and my brother is being a jerk

so... this one might suck
criticisms are welcome here

cold freezing rain...
mask my unknown tears
icy fierce wind....
keeping me company

walking down this winding road
in my heart and soul
where the unknown goes
i'm bound to know

only with my broken heart and tired soul
i live this life

to find refuge
in this insane world
until then, i walk
only the rain pouring down
on me......

damn advertisements!!!!

why does zone six has advertisements!!!!
damn it's getting on my nerves!!!


hi to all
bored here and have writer's block.... so i decided to try something

what do you think?
comments and criticisms are welcome here

Dark loveliness....

sweet loving lies.....
wrecked warm feelings......
all those things I adore
are dark, sweet and sinful...

walking under the moonlight
along the dead haunting trees
with matching bloody dress to wear
and twisted smile to spare

once i was innocent....
pure, clueless and ignorant
tempted by lust and curiosity
made into this wicked being....

story of what I came to be
is for another time to speak
i bid you farewell today
hope you enjoy this

need help!!!

how does the transmissions work?
can't figure it out


bored here, so i stole it

1. Whats the best movie you have ever seen?
count of monte cristo
2. What kind of music do you like listen to?
usually mcr, some opm, acoustic
3. What do you like eating?
(of course food) strawberries or anything with strawberry flavor
4. What's your favorite tv show?
5. Whats your favorite color?
Black/ navy blue/ red
6. Whats your favorite number?
7. What are some of you pet peeves?
emo, goody two shoe
8. What are a few things you like in people?
being liberated
9. Whats are some that you dont like?
they keep their ignorance instead of facing the truth
10. Do you have any role

messed up today

hi everyone!!!
i have been busy with school and other issues
good to be back posting depressing poems or anything for that matter
this is the only way to vent bad emotions before i go back to being suicidal
so forgive me if im a little bitchy sometimes

here is today's poem
it's a little messed up
haven't thought about it though
comments and criticisms are welcome here


Only a heart.......

looking at the grayish clouds
with no blue sky in sight
wallowing in the pain
of my heart desires

i can no longer hold onto it
a dream that turned into a nightmare
a beautiful

trying to write a haiku

feeling bored and have chemistry homework
this is the only thing i can write now
what do you think of it?
criticism are welcome here:)

through the cold dark night i see
enchanting owl's eyes
mysterious birds of night


crimson nightmare

blood flowing out of the book
crimson red bathing my hands
forming my psychotic look
coping in this nightmare lands

trying to contain this fear
in hopes that i wake up soon
before death is coming near
spelling my untimely doom

forcing to move my body
but all attemps are failing
waiting for anybody
with the book im still clinging

dreaming this for many nights
but fear never diminished
how many nights can i take?
before my fire extinguished