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my parents had an argument and my dad is directing his anger at me!
its a fucking great way to ruin my Christmas
good thing he's miles away from home or i just cant take it

so what if you threatened us to leave??!!!
its your fucking PROBLEM
dont drag everyone!!!

this is why i dont want to get close to him
he always ruins it!

thank you for ruining it for us you DICK!!!
I hope you're happy with that

It feels good to be back

its been months and here's my poem for the holidays.....
comments and suggestions are welcome here........

Writer's Block

Tick tock tick tock.........
the sound of the dutiful clock
As the elegant hand strikes ten
I stare intently at my pen

Inspiration seems to elude my being
Thinking of words to give its meaning
Procrastination is on my shoulder
and pressure is weighing me like a boulder

I began to write Something
Anything that is not Nothing
But Alas! still no avail
The Writer's obstacle will still prevail.......

dafuq happened here

stupid spams!
what is this?! a mailbox!

this is a fanbase
spams, GTFO!

I'm back with poem in tow

Hello to all of my fellow killjoys
it has been a long time since i've been here
im still cynical as ever
even if you dont miss my shitty poems
here is one (hope you DON'T like it)

fading print

torn pages, dusty books
remnants of old childhood
letters from puppy love
poems of broken hearts

all contained in this room
hidden treasures, lost
forbidden actions, done
waiting for aging doom

fading continuosly
leaving one by one
like memories lost
within oneself

all condemned for the end
ending up in nothingness
much like fading print
on the book of life


Seriously guys, i'm about to give up on the mcrmy. we just dont act like a family anymore!


originally posted by Viva Vengence:

Please re-post this and re-word however you like. In honor of KILLJOYS EVERYWHERE who have fallen to bullying and cruelty this coming Monday, December 12th is officially KILLJOY MONDAY, please wear a MCR shirt or your Killjoy gear and write "Stop the Hate" anywhere on yourself, hand, arm, neck, etc and take a picture! This coming Monday is as good a day as any, and I can think of NO BETTER WAY to spend it with my fellow Killjoys/MCRmy than for all of us to STAND UP AGAINST bullying, so do it for the world! Feel free to send the picture to Viva Vengeance at

guys, i think you can relate with it

hi guys!
seen the yo gabba gabba clip
and it so cute
all smiling except for mikey
so adorable

here's my depressing poem of the day
guess on what the poem is about ^_^
criticisms are welcome here

disgusted looks on their faces.....
snickering laughter behind me....
eyes looking down on me
judging, ostracizing....

every fault and flaw on me
they ravage like vultures......
only to feed their desires
like endless dark pits inside.....

everyday felt like this...
how long can i hold on?
how far can i go on?
why are they like this?

i thought those everyday...
enduring, waiting....
never showing

hateful mask( improved version)

thanks for the comment
and i changed the first part
what do you think of it?
criticisms are welcome here

are you numb or just blind?
why aren't you noticing?
how can't you see
my masking hate?

been played for nothing
have betrayed by everything
my love for you
has turned into never ending hate

hate for being a fool
regret for giving a chance
hurt for even loving you
and sorrow for my innocence

that you took away like trash
leaving me dirty and broken
behind this smiling face
i wish you goodluck

for hell will sort you out
along with other traitors
liars and frauds like you
until the dying day,

stole from a guy who stole it from the other guy.......etc

Put your music playing device on shuffle and answer me these...

Song that will be covered by My Chemical Romance on their new album?still breathing-mayday parade( that would be awesome!)

Frank bursts out of your locker and begins to sing:passenger seat-stephen speaks( that would be stalkingXD)

You peek into MCR's dressing room and Bob is lip-syncing this song into the hair dryer: will you ever learn-typecast( self loathing much?)

Ray's fro starts transmitting radio frequencies! The song it picks up is:
the man who can't be moved- the script(theme song:D)

Mikey slips the wrong tape in the P.A.

how has it been?

hi fellow killjoys!
few things to clear out:
im a girl
im 17
and that's my real picture
this is my crappy poem for today
so...criticisms are welcome here

how long has it been?
since the day you betrayed me
and done the unthinkable

how hard has it been?
to pay for the mistakes you made
for leaving me alone
and replaced me with her

me? how hurt have i been?
i can kill you right now
if i dont have my sanity
but that's too easy for you

it's killng me inside
what's left of my hope

hope for someone
who can love me
trust which i can never repair
love that i