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International My Chemical Romance Day!

Hello, hello, hello!
How is everyone doing on this fine day?
I'm light of the events that occured yesterday in Norway, I hope that everyone in or around Oslo, and just in Norway in general are enjoying this day. Let the music lift your spirits to rise above the rubble.
And everyone, just enjoy this lovely day when we celebrate the band that brought us to this site.
Happy International My Chemical Romance Day!
To all of you, keep your spirits high, keep your hopes up, and never ever let anyone take you alive.

And to anyone who wants to talk, about somethings that's bothering you, or just to

Is anyone else...

Afraid to go to sleep?
Or is it just me?

To Norway

My heart goes out to the people of Norway. For them to suffer through these attacks is truly horrible. And I can only imagine the terror and pain that they are experiencing.
As I write this, my thoughts go to that of all the men, women, and childrem who were died or were injured in these attacks. My prayers go to the families and friends who lost a loved one today. I truly wish that things could have gone differently, that the one they loved could still be here.
So I send my heart, thoughts, and prayers to the men and women of Norway, even if you were not remotely close to the attacks at the

125 Questions...

Well, this is my first time doing one of these things...Sorry if I sound really sad and whiny...I didn't really mean to, my answers just came across that way.

1) You ready for 125 questions?
Nope, but I'll do it anyways.
2) Was your last real relationship a mistake?
Never been in a relationship.
3) Do you believe in God?
To a point, and even though that may be confusing, I have reason for doubting my beliefs sometimes.
4) Who last said "I love you" to you?
My parents.
5) Do you think they regret it?
Sometimes, but I sure hope not.
6) Have you ever been depressed?
I've felt a really strong

Happy Anniversary Of Birth!

So today, is the Anniversary of Birth for one Mr. Raymond Toro.
I would like to take this time to wish him the happiest of days. I know that we don't know him personally or anything, but, well, this is a day to celebrate.
So, to him I wish the Happiest Anniversary of Birth to him, he deserves a truly wonderful day and I hope that all his dreams come true.

Danger Days: Kobra Kid

Hey everyone!
So, yesterday I was working on a drawing that I mentioned in a blog a few days ago, well, I finally did it! I worked a good few hours on it, and it's all done in pencil so I really hope you enjoy my drawing.
I also want to thank my friend for letting me post this from her house. We were watching The Three Stooges.
Well, bye for now everyone!
Have a good day, night...well whatever time of say it is depending on your time zone.

Helena: Epilogue - Are You Near Me?

So, this is the end. To everyone who read this, thank you from the bottom of my heart, it really means the world to me that you read this..I can't say thank you enough.
And I present you with the final part of Helena.

Epilogue - Are You Near Me?

Three Months Later

The clouds shifted slightly as the brothers slammed the car doors closed and made their path through the cemetery. Tiny shafts of light would dance between the grey masses before slowly disappearing again. As they trudged through the grass a flash of light quickly sped across their faces before fading again.

Helena: Chapter Nineteen - So Long And Goodnight

Chapter Nineteen - So Long And Goodnight

The ground squished beneath their feet as the five men made their way slowly to the cemetery gates.
Gerard's thought whirled of the last time he had been here, he had yelled at his Grandmother, he had screamed at her. He had felt such anger and pain. His hands trembled as he curled them tightly and pushed them into his pockets. Beside him, his brother wrapped his arms around himself and tried to blink away a mixture of tears and rain.
Slowly, the cemetery was filled as relatives, family, and friends entered the muddy ground and surrounded

Helena: Chapter Eighteen - You Die To Get In Again

Just so you know this is STILL not the final chapter. I have another one in the works. But, for now, i hope you enjoy this.

Chapter Eighteen - You Die To Get In Again

Gerard's hands tightened around the coffin and he blinked furiously, attempting to clear the tears that gathered in his eyes. Mikey stood directly behind him, his head tilted towards the ground as his glasses slipped to the edge of his nose. Their cousin Cameron flexed his grip around the handle, trying to keep his tears from streaming down his cheeks.
Across from the older Way, Ray held the handle in a harsh vice,


Okay, so, I'm planning on starting a drawing of the attached picture but I'm debating whether to put it in my sketchbook or on a seperate sheet of paper.
Where should I draw it?
I really need help deciding because sometimes I'll draw pictures of actual people on seperate papers but I'm always afriad of losing them. Please help!