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Listen Here For A Moment, Please!

All of you, please, just read this, please.
I'm sure we all recently heard of the riots that are taking place. I know how scared a lot of you are and I'll admit, I may not live in London but I'm just as scared!
My heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to all of you! I don't want any of you to get hurt so please! Stay inside, stay safe! Just, stay away from all the rioting and fires!
I want all of you to be safe out there!
I'm always here if you need someone to talk to, message me or send me an email at
So all of you, stay safe out there, okay.


Hi! *waves!*
Hehe, does anyone else know of this show? It's really strange and has such a wierd childish mindset while at the same time is just..I dunno, it seems wierd. But I watch it at three in the morning when I'm half delerious and it just, it makes me laugh!
These are my three favorite chacters, Peri, the top picture, Octocat, the second picture, and Fuzzy, the bottom picture. Which one, in your opinion, do you think looks cuter?

Hi! *waves!* So I wanna thank everyone who had read this so far, it means the world to me, it really does.
For anyone who would care to take a gander at it, here's the link to the past chapter that should lead you to the prologue.

Chapter Two - If My Velocity Starts To Make You Sweat

There was a loud thud and then the car was airbourne for a moment or two. Suddenly it crashed back against the ground and immediately it shot off through the dunes.
"Step on it!"
The velvet voice carried out the open window as dry dirt

Everybody Wants To Change The World: Chapter One - Look Alive, Sunshine

Hey! Here's the link to the prologue if anyone wants to read it.
And I would like to thank the people who commented on it. Thank you! It means so much to me! Well, here's the first chapter, hope ya'll like it.

Chapter One - Look Alive, Sunshine

Year 2019

There was the sound of crunching gravel as man clad in roller blades shot down the highway. A black slip was clenched tightly in his hand and the sun glinted brightly off his helmet. He rushed down the desolate road before suddenly veering off the street.

Everybody Wants To Change The World: Prologue - Make A Choice

So I posted a blog a few minutes ago and asked if anyone was interested in reading it's the prologue! I really hope ya'll enjoy it!

Some information on this fanfiction before you start reading: I plan on trying to follow the story line of SING. I'm starting it with the Na Na Na video though, so I can introduce the Killjoys that gave me their info.

So, this prologue is basically a quick run through of the important stuff that happened through the years for the Fabulous Killjoys up until 2018. Then the first chapter will be starting in the year 2019.

Erm....I have a question...

So.....Recently I started a new fanfiction titled Everybody Wants To Change The World, I have a good amount of chapter written and have been debating whether or not to post it on here. Would anyone like to read it? Should I post it?

*shakes head*

Hehe, I was sitting on the computer chair right now and my parents just went to the store so I got pretty bored. I decided it would be a good idea to spin around on the chair...I started spinning, and when I started falling off I tried to catch myself in the arms of the chair....
Problem is, the chair has no arms.
I tumbled head-first off the chair...Hehe.
I know, this is random but I thought it was funny...
How have you all been?
I'm kinda bored right now so if ya'll want go ahead and send me a message or send me an email at

Mah Drawing!

So, in my last blog I asked for ya'll input on which picture I should draw and most of you said the second one so...
Here It Is!
I worked a goot few hours on it and all of is in pencil, even all the color on the jacket...all pencil but the flash made it wierd....And I colored his hair with colored pencil...
Well, I hope ya'll like it! Please comment to me what ya'll think, I really appreciate it when you do.

Help again!

Haha! Hey again!
So, just wanted to say. A new Art Project! Woo! But again, I need your help!
So, I wanted to draw one of the pictures above but I don't know which one....*tugs hair* Gah...I need help please.....Just leave me a comment saying which one I should try, I would greatly appreciate it...Thanks to anyone who leaves a comment and thanks anyways if you just so much as glanced at this blog but didn't leave a comment, either way I appreciate it..

Good Luck!

Hey guys!
So, recently I heard about the t-shirt design contest. I think that's it's wicked! Such a great theme and everything too.
I'm not able to enter because I don't have a facebook among other things but, I want to wish everyone who had entered the best of luck. I've taken glances at the pages and all of the designs look really awesome! So good luck for everyone and it all looks wonderful!