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Thank you! Merci!
To everyone who's been reading, thank you so much! And to dangerblood, thank you for reading all of the chapters from the beginning when you found out about this. Thank you all! It means the world to me!
Here's the link to the past chapter if you didn't get a chance to read it.

Chapter Seven - Everybody Party Till The Gasman Comes

"That's a horrible plan!"
Party Poison dropped his head into the palms of his hands and suppressed a groan.


So I recently made a twitter account. I dunno, I just did...
But, if any of you have one can ya'll follow me? I'll follow right back, I promise!
My username is DrownInTheNotes...
Thank you to anyone who does...
*Huggles!* *Waves!*

Mikey Way Drawing

Hi everyone.
So I did this the other day, first attempt at drawing Mikey. Hope it turned out well. Did it all in pencil.
If ya'll would give me your opinions I'd really appreciate it.
*Huggles!* *Waves!*

Everybody Wants To Change The World: Chapter Six - 24 Hour Service

YAY! Chapter six is now being posting.
I want to say a HUGE thank you to my friend Killjoy Dead Mic, she posted a blog about my story, asking people to read it. Thank you so much, that means so much to me. And to CanadianKilljoy, thank you as well for reading and leaving such nice comments on my chapter. Jill The Ripper as well, she's so nice to me. All of you, thank you so much! *Huggles!* And big thank to anyone who is just reading as well, whether you hate it or love it, thank you so much!
For anyone who didn't see chapter five it's right here.

Thank you! Thank you so much to anyone and everyone who had read so far. Even if ya'll hate it and read it just for kicks thank you, either way it means a ton.
If anyone is starting to read it, here the link to my last chapter that should lead to my previous chapters.
And here is chapter five, I meants to post it yesterday but I wasn't able to get on the computer for very long so, I'm posting chapter five and six today.

Chapter Five - I Hope You're Ready For A Firefight

A moment.
Just a moment.
The desert was

All of you!

All of the rioters in the UK...this needs to stop!
Each day and night that this continues more men and women are being injured. More shops are being busted apart and the riots continue...It needs to stop!
Things are just getting worse, I heard that the riots spread, it needs to stop before it gets any more!
It scares me to know that things like this are happening and I live in the US, so truly my heart, love, and prayers go to all the people living in the UK while this happens.
Stay safe, all of you.
*Huggles!* I'll keep hugging you until it's safe to let you go.

To My Parents:

This blog is dedicated to my parents.
Happy Twenty-Fifth Wedding Anniversary.
I love you both so much and the love that the both of you share has only gotten stronger over the years. I know that for a fact.
You met, people tried to force you apart but look at you know, still married and with a relationship stronger than ever.
This song is the dedicated to you both on this day. It's the only way I can describe the love that you share and the love and respect that I hold you in.
Happy Anniversary, I love you both.

Hello, hello.
So here's chapter four. Again, thank you to anyone who had read it, it means the world to me and just, well thank you.
There's chapter three and it leads to the other chapters if you would care to read them.
Hope ya'll enjoy!

Chapter Four - Where Will You Stand When All The Light Go Out?

"I'm gonna run like I've got the cops on my tail!"
Party Poison sighed heavily as he slammed his foot farther onto the gas pedal.


Last night I watched My Chemical Romance on Jimmy Fallon.
I was looking forward to it all day and stayed up with my parents in their room so I could wish them a happy anniversary (Today is their wedding anniversary), and once the show started I ran over to my room and watched it. I sat through the whole show just to see them perform.
As soon as they were introduced I could feel my heart racing I was so excited to just see them from home instead of in concert.
I didn't notice I had started crying...By the end I was full out sobbing and I felt like I couldn't breath properly.

Everybody Wants To Change The World: Chapter Three - Everybody Hide

WOO! Chapter Three! Well, I again, want to thank the people who have read what I've written and posted thus far, it means the world to me. And heres a link to the other chapters if you would care to read them.

Chapter Three - Everybody Hide

The car trembled with the force that the sound blasted from the speakers. The group of five in the car smiled widely to themselves as they blared the music from the radio and murmured the lyrics along with the song.
The girl with light brown curls that sat in the backseat grinned