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Okay, before I get started with the usual please! I'm beggin ya'll, please go and read my friends fanfic! She's freaking amazing and her writing is amazing!
And my other friends, her writing is just as amazing!
They are both so great at writng! I'm telling you, you will not regret reading their fanfics, they are just...Wow!
! Thank you to anyone and everyone who has been reading my fanfic, it juts, it means the world to me! Thank you all so much!

Hiya! Like I said, I'm gonna post chapter thirteen today and here it is!
Okay...I'm evil...I wanted to make this chapter short so that ya'll would be more enticed to read the next one and go along with it all...Please don't hate me!
And I can't express my love for you all who had read it thus far! To Cyanide Diamonds, you had better tell me as soon as you start posting your chapters. And to anyone who's been reading my fanfic, when this lovely person starts posting her chapters ya'll should read what she's posting. I've been lucky enough to get a little sneaky of it and it's awesome!

Any Help?

Okay so yesterday I was given an acoustic guitar *grins!* and I love it!
I'm thinking of naming it Destroya...yeah, any other opinions on what I should name it thought?
And also, I'm really looking forward to learning all that I can so if anyone can offer any tips on how to learn all the tabs and such or give me links to sites that will help me learn more that would be great! So please?

Okay, finally, here's chapter twelve. I wasn't able to upload it yesterday but here it is now and chapter thirteen is on hold for today as well but ya'll can expect it tomorrow for sure!
Here's chapter eleven for anyone who missed it.
And thank you to my friend who wished me a happy birthday, thank you so much!
*Huggles* Thank you also to everyone who has taken the time to read this story this far, it means just as much as all the love that I'm giving ya'll right now.

Chapter Twelve - Hear The Knock, Knock, Knock, When

Best Birthday..!

To my family and friends, thank you, just, thank you all so much. You have given me the best birthday I could ever ask for, it just, thank you. I can't express how happy you all make me, I'm just speechless.
The best fourteenth birthday I could ever ask for.
Love you!
To my parents, I love you so much, I know it wasn't easy shopping for the stuff I liked since I never talk about all the things I like but, ya'll went above and beyond what I ever could ask for. I love you both!
To my sisters, we may argue but you both know that I love you so much.

Yay! Here's chapter eleven! Even if I'm in massive agony I promised I would upload the chapters, I'm keeping my word.
I want to thank everyone again who has taken the time to read this...It amazes me, thank you all.
Here's the link to chapter ten in case anyone missed it!

Chapter Eleven - Boy, You Gotta See What Tomorrow Needs

Party Poison held his gun aloft, searching in front of him with hazel eyes that met with two brown orbs.
He could see the way it twisted in the orbs, lingering for a moment or two

Hiya! So here's the second chapter of today! Thank you! Thank you all so much for actually taking the time to read this. It just, I can' never thank ya'll enough.
Here's the link to the previous chapter if ya'll missed it.

Chapter Ten - This Ain't A Party, Get Off The Dance Floor

The sun rose fast the next day, quickly pushing the darkness out of it's path.

Thank you! To everyone who has been or has just started reading my fanfiction. Thank you so much!
This is just a fun chapter to help ease any tension anyone had. Just have fun!
And this is a heads up to you all, I'm gonna post about another three chapters over today and tomorrow since on Friday I'm gonna be kinda busy.
So, here's the link to chapter eight in case you missed it.

Chapter Nine - Shut Up And Let Me See Your Jazz Hands

Zany Dead crouched behind the counter, her eyes glowing their bright

Frank Iero Drawing

So, as of late I have been attempting to draw all of the amazing men in My Chemical Romance. I have already tackled the lovely Way Brothers and now, I've drawn the brilliant Frank Iero.
I hope ya'll like it, I worked a good six or seven hours on it. All of it is in pencils and, well, yeah....this is the outcome..
Please leave comments, it means the world to me when ya'll do. Thanks ahead to anyone that does.
*Huggles and waves!*

Hello, hello! So I want to thank everyone who has been reading, it just...It means so much that you do. It amazes me that ya'll even think this is good! Hehe, but really, thank you so much!
Here's the link to chapter seven if anyone didn't get a change to read it.
And now, here is chapter eight!

Chapter Eight- You're A Heart Attack In Black Hair Dye

"Lift that up there."
Screeching Cola held back a joyous laugh and held the can up higher, allowing Zany Dead to tie a string tightly around it.