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Every single one of you!

Is beautiful!
You are all so wonderful and fantastic on here.
All of you are beautiful just as you are, don't listen to anyone who says otherwise.
All of you are unique, don't ever change to something that you don't want to be.
All of you are wonderful, everyone who says otherwise obviously can't see that.
You are all perfect!
Anyone and everyone who doesn't see that, who doesn't realize just that you are all great just the way you are, well they aren't even worth getting upset over. They don't know just how fantastic all of you are and I love every single one of you.
Don't ever change just

Didn't get to

I didn't get to say this yesterday so I'm saying it right now!
You are all freaking beautiful and I love every single one of ya'!
If anyone tells you different then they are blind because...
You are beautiful!
You are kind!
You are special!
And you are perfect just as you are! You are perfect and beautiful as yourself!
*huggles tightly* Don't ever change because someone wants you to, you be who you are!
Love all, and stay your wonderful selves!
See you later all you lovely people!

Ya'll gotta read this please!

My friend on here, dangerblood, she such a wonderful person! I freaking love her! She's just so nice and lovely and a beautiful person! And earlier she posted a blog and it just...just...*wipes eyes* It's beautiful!
If yall would take the time to read it please, it's just so wonderful! So please, just take a glance at it, read it through and just feel happy!
Love all of you beautiful people!* Huggles!*

You guys really need to know this! Please read!!

Woo! I'm partying! You know why? Because I'm here with all you amazing people! Whenever I hang out here with all you beautiful people on here I can't help but smile.
Not even joking in the least, I come on here see ally ou wonderful people and I start grinning
All you beautiful people are the reason that I get on here everyday, just so I can hang with ya'll! Anyone who thinks that this site is lame, that you wonderful people are good to hang out with are dead wrong! You are all such great and nice people, ya'll are all freaking beautiful.
No matter what anyone else says, ya'll are perfect

Gotta love my momma!

I love my mum!
A little while ago I was watching Life On The Murder Scene (still, watching it, I love it!) and when I paused it for a second I heard my mum talking. And I just heard the end of her sentence. 'They'll never take me alive!'
Dang right! Never let them take you alive you beautiful people! *huggles!* love ya'll!!

You there! You gotta read this!

Yes you! *points directly at you!* I'm talking to you you wonderful person!
I don't know if I've told you this before but I freaking love you! Every single one of you on this site, I love you all!
I don't care if anyone else tries to put you down, you know why? Because they are dead wrong!
I know I've said this before but I'm gonna go ahead and say it again! All those people who try to tell you that you should change who you are, or who try and make you feel bad about yourself, well they just need to go off and be quiet because you are all perfect!
So you know what, if someone ever tries to

Okay, I'm sorry this is short but I've in the middle of English, Geometry, and Geography homework at the moment. All advanced courses so I gotta make sure I work my hardest on it or else I could get kicked out of my class...Urgh!

But, I've managed to write this and tomorrow is Friday so that means I will be able to get out a chapter or two this weeked!

Here's the last chapter if anyone missed it:
And also, ya'll gotta read Cyande Diamons fanfic! It's freaking amazing! And dangerblood just finished hers! It's fabulous!

Attention! All of you!

Yeah, I'm talking to every single one of you beautiful people on here!
I freaking love you all!
You are all the greatest people I have ever known, you're all so loving and kind and wonderful!
To anyone who feel underappreciated, lonely, or upset, I love ever single one of you. Even if you don't feel like that, you are all such great people.
So all you shiny fabulous people, don't ever change! You are great and wonderful and lovely and to anyone that tries to make ya'll different 'SCREW THEM!" Ya'll are perfect just the way you are so don't ever change just to make anyone else happy.

To all you lovely people on here! (please read!)

I must go for the night/day (you know what I mean) but I shall return tomorrow.
So I must leave you with these words:

To all you lovely people
You are all beautiful, don't ever think otherwise.
You are all perfect, don't ever try to change that.
You are all the best people I will and have ever known, nothing will ever change that.
And I love you all!
So to anyone and everyone feeling alone, downcast, and shut out right now, you are who you are and I love you for that!
Don't ever try to be someone different, you are you and whatever anyone else says to put you down is a worthless lie.
You are

Already addicted!

So recently I've been talking about my new acoustic Destroya...
I just love it! I know I just got it on Friday but still, I'm just...There's no real way to describe it! I'm addicted!
Today was my first day of ninth grade, it sucked...lunch lines were scary! Classes were just....urgh...My geometry teacher is cool and fun and everything but the homework is already starting!
But when I got home...well I just, I ran to my room grabbed my guitar and started practicing Disenchanted again. I mean, I know that now that I've started practicing playing I can't ever stop.