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So, to make things easier to everything, instead of just posting the second part of nineteen, here is the chapter in it's full length. It's quite a bit but, well, I hope ya'll like it.
And to everyon who has been taking the time to follow along with all my chapters and have been encouraging me to continue writing it, thank you all so much. I'll admit I hit a bit of a rough patch a while back but Zany Dead (Cyber sis!), you really helped me push through it. So, this chapter is dedicated to you for helping me push through, thank you so much!

Chapter eighteen! Yay!!! Hehe, and then chapter nineteen might be up later..Well, hope ya'll enjoy!

Chapter Eighteen - Are You Gonna Be The One To Save Us?

Missile Kid jerked against the tight grip that the Draculoid held her in. Her breath was to short to attempt another scream, in stead she simply kicked at his calves in an attempt to knock him over and loosen it's grip on her arm.
Her head whipped around, momentarily forgetting about her plan as the voice carried over to her.

Urgh....Been meaning to post this one on here for a while but, FINALLY! Here it is! I'm so sorry for the long waits in between the chapter posts but sometimes I just don't have time and then I procrastinate...*facepalm* But! FINALLY! Here it is! YAY! And eighteen should be up in a wee bit as well..

Chapter Seventeen - Get Your Finger On The Trigger, Tap The Barrel Of The Gun

His feet collided with the rough ground, quickly finding a foothold in the sand and propelling himself further.

I've said this before but....

I freaking love you all!
Again, I've been meaning to post this but, I just, I haven't had the chance. Now through, I'm freaking unstoppable becaue the love that I have for you all helps me get through the days.
So, all of ya'll need to know this.
You are all freaking amazing people. Nothing will ever, ever change that.
I know that somedays it's harder to deal with everything, harder to stand as tall as you want. But know this.
You are all so freaking beautiful, you are all so strong and you can't even begin to realize just how much.


So, Ive been meaning to post this for ages! Finally I have some time so, here it goes...
I love each and every one of you insanely beautiful people.
You are all so kind, and so wonderful. Nothing can and nothing will ever change that.
There are gonna be people who try to walk all over you, who try to put you down. When you come across someone like that, you all have to shine like the stars that you are.
You are all beautiful, nothing will change that.
You are all wonderful, no one can change that.
And you are all perfect just as you are, don't ever change to be someone else.
You are who you

So this chapter has been written for a while I just haven't had a chance to post it....but....HERE IT IS! YAY! Chapter sixteen! *Party-Time!!*
And....this is seriously, I can't thank you all enough, really, I mean. I've been neglecting my posts for a while and you've all stuck with me. That just, wow, it means so much to me! *Huggles!* I love you all!
For anyone who missed chapter fifteen or would like to start reading it form the beginning this is the link to the last chapter and it leads to all the other ones.

I have something really important to say...

I love each and every one of you!
You are all the most beautiful people Ihave ever met!
I know that sometimes ya'll have trouble believing that, but that when I say this I am being truly sincere.
All of you are perfect just as you are! There are people who are gonna try and tell you otherwise, who are gonna try and make you be a different person. Who you are, who that beautiful perfect person is, never has to change.
You are all such fanastic people as you are and nothing will ever, ever change that!
So you with your beautiful soul.
You with your kind heart.
And you with your brilliant

Please! This is way to freaking important!

This is addressed to every single one of you. To everyone here that feel alone today, that feels shut out out everyday, and who feels like no one cares.
I Love Each And Every One Of You!
And I know this may seem kinda strange, I mean this random girl telling you she wrote a letter just to tell you all this but either way. I have to write this, I have to tell all of you that I love you all.
No matter what anyone else thinks of you, when they try to put you down, when they try to make you feel bad about yourself, you all need to know one thing! You are all perfect just as you are!
And someone

Insanely Important!

You are absolutely freaking perfect!
I don't think I can tell you this enough so I'm gonna say it again!
All those people who try to put you down, who try to make you be someone other than yourself. Well they don't deserve to even be near you!
If they can't see how freaking perfect and beautiful you are then they don't deserve being upset over.
You there with your beautiful heart.
You with your kind nature.
And you with you lovely personality.
I love every single one of you, no matter what anyone thinks or says, you are beautiful and perfect just as you are.
*HUGGLES!* I Love You All!

You there! Please read this!!!

You're freaking beautiful!!!
Yeah, I'm talking you, you absolutely perfect person.
I know that sometimes you feel down, and not so great about yourself (believe me I know) but no matter what you or anyone else thinks you are freaking beautiful!
You with your lovely, kind heart, with your caring nature, I freaking love you!
There are gonna be people who wanna tell you otherwise, who wanna try and put you down, who wanna try and make you feel bad about yourselves...When someone tries to do that, you just know that, you're beautiful, you're perfect, and you are the bset person I have ever known!