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Every Life is Important...

So, a few weeks ago it was announced at the school that I go to that one of the students who went there had died.
She was one of my friends.
Shock...That's probably the first thing I felt, pure disbelief. I hadn't seen her in a while but that wasn't unusual, she had told me that she might have been pregnant again and she was going to go to a different school. But, she was supposed to start back at the school I went to, now, she won't go to school at all ever again.
I miss her, she was such a brilliant person and an ever better friend.
What really hurt though was what everyone at school was

Sleep...just sleep

Less than one hour of sleep the other night.
I can't remember the last time I had a full nights sleep.
I shouldn't be awake right now but I can't bring myself to shut my eyes... What if I never wake up again? What if I get trapped in my nightmares?
I just want to sleep. I can't even do that anymore..

To My Sister.

I want to dedicate a song to my sister. You Got Me by Taking Back Sunday.
It's her birthday today and even though I already told her before, I love you sis.
We have our differences, but who doesn't. When I need you, you're there for me so I'm here for you to.
I know that recently things are crazy for you but one thing that'll never change is that you got me.
I Love you Sister, have a great birthday.


I was talking to someone today when the conversation turned wierd. I was talking about someone I consider to be my friend when he told me "wait, what friends? You don't have any."
It hurt more then I thought it would, I guess I knew I would hear it eventually.

On the upside, my neighbors out of the hospital, she's been in her house a lot but she might stop by tomorrow. She's doing a lot better now. And thank you all so much for showing her so much support and hope. You are all truly amazing people.

-*huggles* Love you all.
--"I know I can stop the pain if I will it all away." - Whisper -


Yesterday evening, around eight p.m., an ambulance was outside of my neighbors house. We watched when they placed her in the ambulance with bandages placed around her wrists.
She's been going through a tough time recently and she tried to kill herself. We found out that she'd been self-harming over the past few days, but last night she tried to overdose on painkillers and alchol, she also tried to cut one of the main arteries on her leg..Currently she's in the psychiatric ward at the hospital.
I don't know her that well but she's around my mum's age and she's also friends with my mum.

In the dark...

It's one in the morning now. My eyes hurt and I'm seeing blurry. My mind keeps racing and I realize that I hate feeling this way.
So in the dark, away from all the judging eyes, I cry.


Hey Everyone!
So, I haven't posted in a while but this is something that I think is REALLY important. I'm not going to take up a freakish amount of space on this right now but, I want to at least tell you the basics of this.
I'm working on getting together a group that will help me with something I've been planning for the past two days. I used to post blogs for all you lovely people. I ran out of time..*pouts* But I really want to start this again.

Okay, this is quite honestly one of the chapters I am the most proud of...*flails* God I'm so freaking nervous! I really hope ya'll like it!!
And again, a HUGE thank you to ya'll devoted readers, you are so nice to me. Thank you so freaking much!! All of your support in this means so freaking much to me! *Huggles!* Love you!

Chapter Twenty - Drop Like A Bullet Shell

The wind tore around them, acting like a strange cocoon that wrapped itself around their bodies and pulled their hair into their faces.

The Loudest Scream..

I...erm...I wrote this a second ago and my friend really wanted me to post it...It's pretty suckish but...erm..there it is....I haven't posted something this personal in a...well a pretty long time...But, I suppose it's time I just let it out there yeah...

The Loudest Scream

I want to scream but I can't
I lost my voice so long ago
The words are trapped in my throat and aching to be free.
Now I can't get them out.
I have so much to say and never any time.
It's all lost now.
Slowly fading with the thought I had to say
Trying to scream out.
Yearning to be heard
But fearing instead
I'm letting


Heya everyone, so a little while ago I was talking to my friend and she couldn't get on the site today so she sent me a picture that she put together.
She wanted me to post it for her so here it is.

And I need to say this too, anyone out there, anyone who feels like they aren't worth it, like their life isn't worth living. You are so wrong, you need to live, you need to breath and you need to know that no matter what you are beautiful.
I Love You All, I'll tell my friend what comments ya'll post so, please give some feedback she's love to hear it!
Love you guys.