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Favorite quotes? Help please!

Hey everyone!
To begin, I have this jounal that I write in a ton about things that bother me and stuff, and I had an idea. I wanted to start writing inspirational quotes, or well, just quotes that spark a good feeling. And I thought where better to get some from then the MCRmy.
So what are some of your favorite quotes? They can be either from the MCR songs, the band members, or just quotes in general that you want to share.

One of my favorite is this one:
"When you're inspired, you don't shut it off, you have to chase it," - Frank Iero

This...makes me laugh so bad!

I don't even know why, I just thought it was really great! Hehhe.
I'm trying so hard to get my dad to put this as his ringtone but he won't...*pouts*
Anyways, how's everyone doing? Who already started school? I start tomorrow and I'm not really looking forward to it but...*sighs* Oh well.


So it's official, I've been fifteen for twenty-two and a half hours.
It's been an amazing day, my family and friends never cease to amaze me. They are all so nice, and I know that two of my friends stayed up past midnight and emailed me even though I wasn't on. I got e-cards (Thank you Kay!), drawings (Thank you Jay!), and so many hugs from my sisters.
It's amazing how kind they are to me and I feel so lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life. That's including everyone on this site, you are all such spectacular people and I love each and every one of you!
*huggles!* I love you guys!

Coffee and Nostalgia

Hey everyone, I'm bored and have to leave in a bit but, hell, might as well post a blog.
I had a cup of coffee this morning. It's summer and it's hot as hell, even in the morning, but when I get up and feel like it's one of 'those' days, I need some coffee...It was delicious...
As for the nostalgia, well. My mum bought these little drinks that my sis and I used to drink all the time when we were younger (I'm four years younger then her) before we had to think about things and before our oldest sister decided to take her under her wing.


Hiya everyone. *waves!*
What've ya'll been up to? It's hot here in the heart of Texas..I'm pretty sure I started melting earlier and it just might get hotter....I don't think I can survive this heat, oh, gosh...
Anyways! I've been reading a lot lately, and I've started reading The Outsiders and I'm about halfway through already, so far I'm really enjoying it and it got me wondering...
What are some good books that ya'll have read lately? What about favorite books?
I recently read a two book series called Beyond Exile (Zombie books) and I really liked those but my favorite, well, that's just

Eight Freaking Years!

Eight years. Eight freaking years. That's how long it's been and here he is, still strong and still kicking arse.
That's just amazing and inspiring.
It leaves me speechless at how amazing he and everyone in MCR is. They are idols to me and that won't ever change.
Congratulations Gerard Way, on eight years of being sober, of being a fighter.
(That's a picture of a drawing that I did of Gerard...erm...I think it was last year...)

Something that needs to be said.

Hi there everyone, I haven't been on in a while so I haven't had the time to post this, but here it is now. I have something that I feels needs to be said to each and every one of you on here.

You Are All Beautiful!

Each and every one of you on here are such fantastic, wonderful people and I don't think I manage to tell you half as much as I should. Everytime I manage to come on here, I am just...just in awe of how kind and spectacular you guys are. I mean, I...I'm left speechless whenever I see how much you all reach out to everyone and you do it all without a second though.
There are really

Handing out flyers and a near run in with the cops.

Okay, so yesterday morning for this group I'm in at my school called PAWS (Protecting Animals Within San Antonio) we all met up at like 9:30 at the school and decided where we were gonna pass out the flyers about the Spay and Neuter event that is going to be help at the school. So we decided we could pass out the flyers on Military, one of the major streets in the part of San Antonio that I live in, and just attract as much attention as possible.
We got there, and we were all on one of the blocks trying to pass them out and this guy with this other group (some sort of dancing group that had a

Love You Guys! (Please Read This)

First off, I want to say thank you to all of you. A while back, I was going through a rough time and a lot of you reached out to me and helped me through it. There are no words that can describe how thankful I am for that, I've been suicidal before and when I was, I always turned to you guys, to my friends on here.
Then, as I came here more and more, I realized something. We aren't just fans, we aren't an army, we aren't friends, no, we're so much more. We're all a great huge family, it's not just something we say. We are a true family.

So Tired....

Was up until six in the morning then I slept for about an hour and a half before my sister got up....I'm tired....I have to finish my Biology project...and my Spanish project...and help my mum around the house...
*huggles tightly!* Just wanted to say that I love you all!
All you beautiful magnificent people!