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nightfire's blog

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I am so happy at the moment! I an seriously screaming and jumping around. And the trailer is so epic! *sighs before screaming again*


Hey everybody! As I said in the last one my parents are making me delete this account. BUT! (here comes the good part) they said that I could keep it for one more week! YAY! I want to keep it longer though so any ideas? If not them please email me even after I've deleted this account.

Good-bye for now fellow soldiers of the MCRmy!

2nd Blog

Hey this is my second blog and I just wanted to say something of importance. I don't know if anyone noticed but on Dr. Death Defying's twitter he said WKIL antenna almost fixed. I'm excited! What do you think about this?


Hello everyone. I'm new on this website but I've been a fan of MCR for years. It's nice to be on here with other MCR fans.