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Hello My Friends!

I have listened to The Only Hope For Me IS You. I admit I was trying to restrain myself until the album actually came out but I cracked and I had to listen to it. I’m listening to FOE Radio and they’re playing Na Na Na! SO…tell me what you guys think of The Only Hope For Me Is You. I’d love to hear your opinions.

Hello my good friends! I typed quite a bit.

Hello everybody! How is everyone doing on this fine day, F.Y.I. it's about 5:30 PM down here in San, Antonio, Texas. Anyways, I'm pretty sure that everyone is excited for this month, I mean we have MCR playing live, for a Football game I might add, AND the infamous Frank Iero's birthday coming up on the best day, in my opinoin, of Halloween.
Well I'm going to try and keep myself entertained until the new album comes out so can anybody recommend some good band?
I like bands that are, oh stereotypes kill me now, as people would describe Post-Hardcore and Alternative as well as the obvious Punk

Detonation Druggy

Yup, I love my Killjoy name. Detonation Druggy for the win. And I'm working on my costume too, what does each of yours look like, if you are making one.
Mine is black leggings, with rips, an orangish, tanish, yellowish, skirt with a black t-shirt and a black jacket with tan arms, that have one random red and one random orange bar. OH! And an orange bandana.So tell me what do your costumes look like?

-Sincerely, Your DetonationDruggy. *KA-BOOM!*

Fun Weekend!

Hey all you Killjoys, and Soldiers. I noticed that everyone is going around making their own Killjoy names so here is mine.
Yup, there it is. On another note this weekend my buddy and I are going to make our own video, in celebration of all the news about the album, and it might be based of Killjoys and things like that so ...YAY! If we get around to it I shall let you all know.

-Sincerely, your Detonation Druggy.

Mythical Creatures

Hey, Killjoys and Soldiers. I'm sitting here listening to Na Na Na, waiting for the album to be released, about two months left, and I started thinking. If you could be any creature, and or mythical creature, what would you be? You can be anything, a bat, or a tiger, or a vampire, or a centaur. I know a really weird question but I just wanted to know.


How is everyone doing on this fine day? Anyhitn fun happen to people out in the MCR Community? My friends officially think I am crazy. Here's what happened.

During Lunch
Me: *to the tune of Na Na Na* NANANANANANA!
My Buddy: What song is that?
Me: *looks up at her for a second with wide eyes* NANANANANANANA!
My Buddy: *eyes large* Ookay. *walks away*
Me: *looks after her for a second before shrugging* NANANANANANA!

It was fun for me. So do you guys have any plans for the weekend? Library here I come!
Anyways... What are you guys going to dress up as for Halloween?

Awesome and Awkward Day! If anyone takes the time to read this.

Hello beautiful MCR Soldiers and Killjoys. How have you been doing on this fine new day? I’m pretty sure everyone is excited about the release date and track list. I know that I screamed and just about gave my family a heart attack. Needless to say today was a very awkward and awesome day for two reasons. Another edit! Yeah, I have a lot of spare time on my hands.

Before I explain the Awesomeness and Awkwardness of my day here is something else that I found funny, today in my History class, first period, she was walking about some guy named Lord Baltimore and there was a picture of Lord


I am going to admit without shame that when I heard the song I was literally jumping around I was so excited. How did you guys react when you first heard the full song? I love it but that is just my opion so. Oh, like my background. I edited the photo again.
I really love M&m's. What is your favorite candy, chocolate, etc.?

This is the title!

Here's another edited pictah! I love the new trailer and can't wait for the album! Let's get the video to number 1! Hope you guys like the picture. OH! It's raining!

We Are The Killjoys!

Hello my fellow soldiers, or should I say Killjoys. I know that probably everyone on the website has seen the trailer and I want to know what you guys think of it. I edited the picture that's attatched. What do you think?