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Sing it for Japan!

Hey everybody. I hope you're all doing well, keeping everbody in Japan in my thoughts and my heart.
And what I'm making this blog for is I need you're opinions. I'm debating whether or not to draw something for the Sing Japan video. I basically have an idea on what I would draw but, I don't know whether or not I should. I don't have a youtube or twitter account by my friends do and I'm sure if I did I could get one of them to post it but, I'm kind of iffy about it. I mean, I really love drawing but I've never actually shared them with a lot of people. So opinions please.


Hey guys, I've noticed that some people have been asking about the flag in the background of The Ghost Of You video and decided to do some research.
I found out that USO can stand for a ton of things but I'm pretty sure that it stand for United Service Organization. It's a private organization that gives moral support and different forms of entertainment for U.S. Troops. For a short time it was disbanded but then reinstated under a new president. It has over 140 different centers and is well known for the performances.

Picture Please.

Hey guys, I've been kind of busy lately but now I have nothing but free time, a ton of paper and a favor to ask. Okay, last time I tried drawing the band it didn't come out so well but I wanted to try again and I was wondering if you guys could give me some links or send me some picture of the guys. It would be really appreciated if you could. Thanks, to anyone who does. It would be really appreciated.
In other news, how is everyone doing today? Hope everyone is doing well.

Messing with Picnik and Drawing!

Hey guys! I decided to mess around with my Picnik account so I uploaded some pictures from the computer and that's how they came out. It's the first two pics. The last one, the one of Wolverine is a picture that I'm drawing my sister for her birthday. Hope it comes out good, if not then I'm screwed. I also have a question. What is your favorite book or comic? If the book or comic was made into a movie was it any good? Personally I love The Seven Soldiers of Victory by Grant Morrison and Sandman byt Neil Gaiman.

Opinions please.

Hey guys, I was trying to remember something I wrote a long time ago (Gave myself a headache in the process) and realized I had the paper in my bag. I read through it and wanted to ask your opinion on it. I warn you I was going through a tough time (sort of like now) but that's besides the point. Well here it is. Yeah, please tell me what you think.

To me everything is painful
I've been through way to much
I've seen the world through tear-stained eyes
I've felt the painful blow of what life really is
I hold a terror in my eyes
And a scar in my heart
I'm just as broken as the blood-red sky

Does anyone have a way I can read the new interview?

Yeah, if you do can you please tell me or whatever because I would really love to read the new AP article, it would be really appreciated.

SORRY! And pictures please?

Sorry everybody. On my last blog, thing, I messed up my own email so it
Sorry guys. But yeah, can you please leave links to individual picture of the guys or email them to me. I'd me very appreciative, especially if they are recent pictures and if the one of Gerard has red hair. Yeah, thanks guys, I can't wait to start drawing them.

Please Read, I really want to know if I’m any good at writing.

Hello everybody. Erm…I really love to write and I just recently wrote this story and I was wondering if you guys would read it. Please tell me if you think it’s any good. Yeah, it’s kind of sad but a bit happy too so please tell me if it’s any good. Thanks to anyone who does. And sorry it is so long but I got carried away. Hehe

Die Romantically

“Charlotte, you know you have to do this.”
Charlotte nodded slowly as she stared at her boss. The gun that hung carefully in its holster suddenly felt as if it weighed a hundred pounds.
“I know what I have to do.”
The words felt stiff in her mouth

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays to everyone, spread the love and just have fun!
Merry, merry Christmas to all you wonderful people. I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas today. Anyone else exceedingly tired? My family and I opened out presents at midnight and then everyone was up til two messing around with their gifts and just having a general good time. Then I stayed up til llike five working in my Algebra work. :P What a wonderful way to ruin the holidays. Anywhoo…What all did you guys get.


Sorry about posting my last blog, thing, twice but I'm trying to do this on the Wii so it's pretty difficult. But, yeah, as I said. Happy Holidays!