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Sing It For Japan.

Awe Inspiring....
This video is truly the work of great musicians. It's a truly breathtaking video's beautiful. All the artwork that everyone sent in is truly amazing and the instruments along with the vocals are just...there are no words that intail the magnificence that is this video.
When I watched the first Sing video and then the Director's Cut I thought that those were truly wonderful and I was crying just watching those. But then...Watching this Sing it for Japan video, I was weeping and to just see all the hardwork that they put into's truly wonderful.

A Very Happy Birthday!

Okay, I spent hours slaving away at this. And I really hope you like it. It a picture of the one and only Gerard Way. I wish him a Happy Birthday and best wishes. So, here is the result of hours of work and I would like ot thank my friend for encouraging me to finish this drawing. Well, I gotta head home.
So long and goodnight everyone.

Happy Birthday To The One And Only Gerard Way!

Hello everybody!
As we all know today is a very important day. Today is the birthday of Gerard Way, To him I wish the happiest of birthdays. He truly deserves every happy moment that is sure to come today and I really hope that he had fun.
Today my friend and I baked a cake in honor of his birthday and we wanted to share it with you. mind is blown.

Okay! I just found this out because someone else posted about this. My Chemical Romance did a cover of Common People by PULP! That's wicked! I mean, I FREAKING LOVE PULP! They are a really great band and now My Chemical Romance did a cover! That's just EPIC!
If you haven't heard the cover go listen to it:
And if you haven't heard the orginal...go listen to that too:
If anyone else here loves Pulp as much as I do then *hi-five!* I mean, they are freaking awesome and now....I'm just plain happy.

Opinions please.

Hi everybody!
Erm....I posted this last night but no one commented and I was really wondering if you would give me your opinion on my drawing. I had done it for the Sing it For Japan video but I never sent it in (which I regret) but I just wanted your opinions. So thank you to anyone who does comment or something, it really means a lot that you give me your thoughts in it. (Oh, and the line that I wrote across the top says, 'As Long As The Sun Is Always Rising We Shall Never Lose Hope.' And yeah that is my cruddy handwriting.)
And, this song....Am I just a giant pansy or is this song really

Sing it for Japan!

Hey guys, this is my last post today I promise!
And this one is my drawing that I did for Japan (I didn't enter it though) and I spent forever tying to perfect the building, I did the lines free-hand and it sucked. But it was worth it in the end. The whole drawing started after I read Ray's post about the Sing it for Japan video and a line popped into my head. It really built up inside and I felt the urge to draw, this is the outcome.
The second picture is what I wrote across the top of my drawing (yes, my writing is really bad, I know) and it says, 'As Long As The Sun Is Always Rising We

Time to learn!

Okay, yet another post.
So here it goes. I know that lot of you can play instruments on here (guitars, drums, pianos, etc.) and I've been dying to learn myself. And my friend (being the wonderful person that she is) plays clarinet and said that she would teach me. I already started playing some wierd notes and she's very patient when I screw it up. SO to my friend, 'Thank you!' Hehe, she's here while I'm typing this and she said 'You're Welcome.'
Anywhoo, I'm really looking forward to when I'm more experience and can play as well as you, wish me luck!

Castle Cake!

Hello, hello!
Okay! Today my friend and I make a wonderous bunt cake and the cake mold was in the shape of...get this... A CASTLE! It was so cool! And the cake was just yummy! Completely delicious.
The first picture is the very beginning when all the ingredients were held together.
The second picture is when we had mixed all the ingredients together (yummy!) and they were in the bowl. OH, the person's hands in this picture are my friends, she was holding the bowl when I took the picture.
The third picture is the finished product! A completely delicious castle shaped bunt cake! Yummy!

The Winnings!

Hi everybody! I hope you're all having a pleasant day and such.
I'm hanging around with my buddy at her house and we were taking wierd pictures all day. As it happens she lives right up the street from an awesome comic book store and we walked over there to see what they have. These comics are the result. The first two comics of True Blood are hers and she felt skeptical about buying them, well to her I say, 'You're Welcome.'
Hehe, I kept pestering her until she bought them.
Anywhoo, and the one entitled The Filth (written by the wonderous Grant Morrison) now is in the hands of me, Yay!

This can't end well.

Hey everybody, how are you all doing? Hope everything's going well with you, I've seen a ton of you're Sing it for Japan entries and they are all truly beautiful, you're all so talented. I can't wait to see the video and see more of the entries that you sent in.
I did one to but I couldn't send it in, I might post a picture of it later though.
Anyways, does anyone here have to go to an end of school dance once it rolls around.