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Helena: Chapter Four - Can You Hear Me?

Hey everybody.
So I want to thank everyone and anyone who has read my fanfiction thus far and for leaving such nice comments. It really means the world to me so thank you.
And I would also like to apologize for two reasons
Number One: On my last chapter I accidentally wrote a part of it in first person point of view, I did not mean for that to happen but I was kinda distracted when I wrote those particualar parts. So I apologize.
And secondly, I apologize for making anyone sad when they read this. I don't mean to make you all sad, it just sort of...happens.
Well, never the less, I thank you

Helena: Chapter Three - We Are So Far From You

Hey everybody, so thanks to anyon and everyone who's been reading this. It means SOO much to me. And again, I apologize for making anyone sad. Well, here's chapter three.
And for anyone who hasn't read it but would like too, here's a link to chapter two that leads to chapter one :

Chapter Three - We Are So Far From You

The older Way stared at the far wall as he lay across his bed. He could feel the sun that streamed through the windows, hitting his face.


So, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone and anyone who has read my fanfiction so far.
It really means a lot to me and I can't say thank you enough. I'm really sorry for making anyone sad when they read the chapters but....yeah, I'm sorry.
I'm working on the third chapter right now and I should have it up soon.
But yes, I just wanted to post this to say thank you.

Helena: Chapter Two - Well I've Been Holding On Tonight

Hey, everybody. I'd just like to say thank you to whoever read my first chapter.
If you haven't read it but would like to it's right here :
And well, here's the second chapter. I'm sorry for making anyone sad but this is the way that I write. I hope you all enjoy it and any feedback is welcome. Enjoy!

Chapter Two - Well I've Been Holding On Tonight

They sat, scarcely moving, upon the floor.

Helena: Chapter One - What's The Worst That I Can Say

Mmkay, so in response to everyone who posted on my last blog, I would like to say thank you for wanting to read my fanfiction and this is my way of showing thanks. I present you with the first chapter of Helena. Hope you all like it and any comments are welcome.

Chapter One - What's The Worst That I Can Say

The young man fell to his knees and the phone tumbled out of his hands and hit the ground with a low thud. A voice still slipped from the speaker but he didn't hear it. Everything seemed to move in slow motion as he felt his throat thicken.

So...I was wondering.

I had a sudden idea for a fanfic (I guess it would be)based off of Helena.
I was wondering if anyone would like to read it.

Edited Pics.

So these pictures are for Kim or Ribena. I really hope you like them and if not then I'm sorry I couldn't do any better. But this is what I did.
Erm, on the last picture I did keep the color in your eyes but the shadow from your hair sort of dilutes it.
But, I hope you like them.
Any comments are welcome.

For The Two Little Angels.....

To the two Little Angels who have taken their rightful place.
No one will ever see the joy that lights up your face, or hear your sweet peals of laughter.
We'll never see your lovely faces that brighten our days.
We'll never be able to see what wonderful people you would become.
You were never given your chance to take a place in this world.
Never given a chance to live in this world that you could have brightened everyday.
You weren't able to leave a light behind in this darkening place.
But we'll always remember you.
You're the two Little Angels who didn't get to stay.

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Happy Anniversary of Birth Bandit Lee Way!

Hey everybody! As we know today is the birthday of Bandit Lee Way! So I would like to wish the Little Miss Way a very happy, spectacular Anniversary of Birth! I hope that today is a wonderful day for her and that her every wish, dream, and hope come true.

Happiest Birthday to Lindsey Way!

After about two hours or so (and several pictures if I may add) I finally finished the picture I drew of Lindsey Way! I had to speed draw it and I think it came out pretty good. At least my friend says so.