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Helena: Chapter Ten - When Both Our Cars Collide

Hope you all like it!

Chapter Ten - When Both Our Cars Collide

He could hear him.
He could hear the voice that begged for him to turn around, to stop whatever idiotic idea he had set into motion, but they barely registered in his mind. The door slammed behind him with an echoing thud and he managed to make it into the care before the voice of reason spoke up.
Why was he doing this in the first place?
And then before he could give it a second thought he was sitting in the front seat of the car and turning the key in the ignition. He heard it sputter for a second and then the engine revved and he moved the gear into reverse.
The voice of his younger brother still carried over to him but he could only hear a distorted sound as the window muffled his voice and the ignition drowned it out. He placed his foot on the gas and started pulling out not bothering to glance at the review mirror. And then the yells became louder.

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The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You

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Helena: Chapter Nine - Just Like A Match

And here is chapter nine!
Hehe, watch out for the reference to a certain song in this chapter...And that's about the only swear I will use in my fanfiction...Just so's you know.

Chapter Nine - Just Like A Match

Their hands were clasped tightly, managing to comfort each other while remaining silently. And then the older Way's hands stiffened. The younger could automatically feel the diffence in his brother's emotions.
"Gee," he whispered, while their friends continued to reminisce about Elena. "What's wrong?"
The elder just shook his head, trying to again push anger from his thoughts. He could feel the turmoil tossing through his head. The thoughts that threatened to push forward and make his snap again.

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I would like to share this song for anyone who hasn't heard it.
Please listen to it...

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Helena: Chapter Eight - When Every Starfall Brought You To Tears Again

And now..I would like to present to you chapter eight. I how you all like it!

Chapter Eight - When Every Starfall Brought You To Tears Again

Finally, after what seemed to be hours but was actually minutes, they carefully pulled away from each other. Hastily, they wiped away any tears that graced their cheeks and smiled slightly.
Mikey reached over and linked arms with Gerard again as he swayed on his feet, trying to keep his tears away.
"Thank you," he whispered again and they just smiled at him.
Gerard and Mikey stood, their arms linked as Frank glanced occasionaly glancing towards the kitchen door. Ray shot him a glance and shook his head slightly.
Moonlight slipped between the curtains as the brothers walked over to the couch and sat down, Ray, Bob, and Frank sitting in the chairs opposite them.
"I just...I'm so sorry."
Bob frowned slightly, "There's nothing to apologize for, Gerard. We understand, you don't need to keep saying sorry."

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Helena: Chapter Seven - Things Are Better If I Stay

And now, chapter seven!

Chapter Seven - Things Are Better If I Stay

"Do you think they're okay up there?" Bob asked.
"Well, I haven't heard anything break, so," Ray said quietly, "Let's assume so."
Frank choked back a burst of laughter but still glanced toward the ceiling nervously.

Upstairs the Way brothers sat together, their eyes starting to dry in the silence. Finally, the elder let out a shaky laugh.
"God," he whispered in a trembling voice. "I'm such an idiot."
"No you aren't," Mikey immediately stated in a soft tone.
Gerard pulled out of the embrace and wiped at his eyes, letting out another laugh as he nodded.
"Yeah, I am," He said in a voice just as low as the first.
The younger shook his head and placed a hand on his brother's shoulder, forcing him to turn and look at him.

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Raise Your Hand If You Can Tell Me Who This Is

*raises hand!*

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Helena: Chapter Six - The Very Hurt You Sold

Hey everybody!
So, I was gonna post this chapter yesterday, and it was running pretty late because I went over to my buddy's house but she was nice enough to let me type it up...Yeah, she's so nice to me, and she puts up with all my random crud.
But, due to the server move, I was not able to post it. So sorry about that, but I'm posting chapter six right now, and I'm working on chapter seven, so it should be up later today. SO! That means that ya'll get two chapters today!
Well, anywhoo! Here's chapter six.

Chapter Six - The Very Hurt You Sold

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Helena: Chapter Five - And If You Carry On This Way.

Nyah, this chapter was so hard to write...
I apologize to everyone for this chapter, it made me so sad when I wrote it...*cries*
I'm sorry, please don't hate me.
It'll all get so much better, I promise!

Chapter Five - And If You Carry On This Way

"When do you think Gerard's coming back?" Ray asked in a quiet voice as another loud crash sounded from behind the kitchen door?
He glanced nervously to the door as there was a resounding thud. Bob sighed heavily and shook his head while Frank ran a hand through his hair. There was a moment of silence and then the three of them jumped as the sound of breaking glass reached their ears, breaking the stillness in the air.
"That's it, I'm getting Mikey out of the kitchen."
Bob jumped to his feet and quickly pushed open the door. He halted in his steps as it swung shut behind him.

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Does anyone else on here listen to Mudvayne?