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Star Wars...

So, me being the wonderful Star Wars obsessed person that I am, was wondering what is your favorite Star Wars movie?

Helena: Chapter Seventeen - From Every Heart You Break

Well, here is chapter seventeen, hope you enjoy!

Chapter Seventeen - From Every Heart You Break

The pews were filled, and it was quiet. All eyes were drawn to the front of the aisle where the casket was placed. The mass of people held their breath and sat as silently as they could, not wanting to break this mournful silence.
The priest looked towards the first row of seated mourners. He nodded to the five men who sat with teary eyes. They immediately stood up, the brothers hands still clapsed together, and made their way towards the corner of the room.
"Are you ready?" Mikey

Helena: Chapter Sixteen - What's The Worst You Take

And finally I'm done!

Chapter Sixteen - What's The Worst You Take

No words.
There were no words that could describe the feeling the whirled through the older Way's stomach as he sat in the backseat of his car. His younger brother sat beside him, their hands clenching the others tightly, trying to hold back tears that pricked their eyes.
Ray sat in the driver's seat, his hands wrapped tightly around the steering wheel, gripping it tighter then he ever had before.

Helena: Chapter Fifteen - Blade You Stain

Okay after this the chapters are hopefully gonna get a bit longer.
And as we draw closer to the end of this fanfiction I thank everyone with all my heart for reading this. It truly means so much to me that you're read it and all the comments that you've been leaving are just...well they leave me speechless.
Anyways, I hope you all like this chapter of Helena.

Chapter Fifteen - Blade You Stain

The day loomed over their head as the sun rose that morning but was quickly covered my dark grey clouds that darkened their moods even farther.

Helena: Chapter Fourteen - Blade You Stain

Yay! Chapter fourteen!

Chapter Fourteen - Blade You Stain

The next day came, slowly, passing as if it were trying to taunt the brother's with the fact that Elena'a funeral was now only two days away. They fidgeted, trying to about letting the others see their tears. As the Tuesday passed painstakingly slow the brothers scarcely left their rooms.
They hid in their rooms, as if they could hide away from the day that loomed over their head. And then, just as it had started, Tuesday slowly faded into Wednesday. And then without warning, the day was gone and Thursday was upon them.

Helena: Chapter Thirteen - Long Ago

I hope you all enjoy this chapter. And I want to thank my friend for letting me type and post this on her computer. She's a great buddy.

Chapter Thirteen - Long Ago

The Way brothers supported each other on the way up the stares, trying to enable the other from falling.
"Mikes," the older whispered as he pushed open the bedroom door and carefully moved his younger brother to his bed.
"She's gone."
That was all that escaped the youngers lips as he stared blankly before him. He was lowered slowly into his bed but he didn't shut his eyes.

Homemade Raygun.

Hello, hello everyone!
So, two days ago I saw a video on how to make a raygun out of cardboard and decided, well, why not give it a try.
So I started it at ten in the PM on Sunday night, I stopped working on it at one in the morning.
Then yesterday night I worked in it for another four hours..I managed to finish it!
So, I present you the pictures of the finished produst, here is my homemade raygun made out of cardboard.
I hope you all like it, please tell me what you think of it.

Helena: Chapter Twelve - We'll Meet Again

Please enjoy this chapter!

Twelve - We'll Meet Again

Mikey felt his mind wander as he spoke, no longer knowing what he was speaking to his brother.
He could practically see her.
He could see Elena before him, telling him with such an adoring passion that she loved him. He could feel her gripping his hand, letting him know that she was there with him.
And then it all came flying back to him.
He was no longer staring at his Grandmother, he was sitting in the front room of the house that he shared with his brother.

Helena: Chapter Eleven - Can We Pretend To Leave

Hehe, yeah I drink juice when I'm writing 'cause it's freaking delicious!
Anyways, hope you guys like it.

Chapter Eleven - Can We Pretend To Leave

Gerard slowly pulled away and just let out a shaky laugh.
"God, I'm such and idiot for now realizing you were right earlier," he murmered and carefully wiped away his tears when Mikey let out his own laugh.
"See," the younger said as he tugged his brother towards the front door of the house where their friends stood, eyes wide and jaws dropped open. "You're not always right."
"Yeah," the older replied and looked towards the ground,

AWWW! It's A Baby Panda!

Hehe, this video is just cute...and funny in away.
So, I leave you this video of a Baby Panda....sneezing...