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So, this is what I have to say right now..

This is gonna be rather personal and concerning what’s been happening with MCR, so read if ya’ll wanna.

Okay, so, I’m pretty sure that everyone (or at least, you know, the MCR fandom) know about the disbanding of My Chemical Romance.

I found out last night at around two in the morning when my sister came into the room, woke me up, and told me. I didn’t sleep the rest of the night…Honestly, I think that I was more in shock than anything.

You know what though… I’m gonna keep going. I’m going to keep moving forward.

There is no doubt in my mind that My Chemical Romance saved, and changed my life

Hi everyone.

Long time, no see.
I haven't been around for a while and it's a long story, but I'll give you the basics.
I wasn't feeling...good, I guess. I was going through some things, old issues rising up and I needed some time to breath and not worry about pretending I'm fine.
I'm doing better now, I'm hopefully gonna be on here more.
Nice talking with ya'll. *huggles*

Oh my gosh!

I am alive! (That's a shocker!)
Anyways, I haven't been on since like...November....That was ages ago!
Just wanted to say hello! And hopefully my schoolwork well not be as much after the break and I'll be able to get on more. YAY!
*huggles and waves!*


So...I have a Tumblr now..
Anyone have any Tumblr blog thingies they want me to follow? I need some MCR on my dashboard...

Carving time...

So I carved the pumpkins for Halloween yesterday...Dracula and Frankenstein, yuppers...Found some awesome stencils on the computer and drew them on a seperate sheet of paper so I could do these bad boys. Whaddya think?

Also, Tumblr anyone? I just got on a few ago...

Bye all!


So, a bit past midnight last night I went to use the bathroom and it was pitch black in the house. I opened the door that goes from my room to the hallway and stepped out and who should I run into? The freaking dog...He was laying right in the middle of the hall and I tripped over him. I tried to keep my balance so when started to fall forwards I tossed my arm out and managed to grab the corner of the wall. Then my left foot swung forward (my right was still beneath the dog) to find some sort of solid ground.

This is how I spent my day...

So this is what I did today. I found an entry about this creature on Wikipedia while I was looking up stuff about Dungeon and Dragons (yeah, it happens) and fell in love with this creature, I dunno why, but I just loved it. So here is my own version of a Couatl. I changed some things about it and this is the finished product.

Drawing of a Dragon...

Yeah...this is what I did instead of my World History homework...What do ya'll think?
Anyways...gotta go do my homework now...*frowns*

Just some stuff.

So, I got a Deviant Art recently, it's pretty interesting and I actually like it quite a bit...Hmmm...So if ya'll wanna check it out, it's
I finally saw Avengers the other day! It was amazing! I loved it!
I've been listening to This Song Is A Curse, also AMAZING!
Hehe. . I got kinda sick the other day, I was sick to begin with but I decided it would be a great idea to go running through the freezing cold rain! I am currently in my jeans and a thick sweater...I'm cold still...
So, I'm gonna go draw a bit...Anything new with ya'll?

Forgive and forget?

Why does everyone think that's so easy? I can forgive people but it's so hard to forget...
(excuse the rest of this blog but I need to let this out)
So in my art class there's this girl who sits in front of me that I used to know in elementary. She was the ringleader of the group that made my childhood hell... Now, it's like she's trying to be my friend by intimidating me.
She told someone today that she used to pick on me, and she said while she was laughing. It wasn't funny as a kid and it isn't funny now.