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Merry Christmas!!!!

If anyone knows about this, you're AMAZING!! I wanna go to thjs so bad. It's the biggest con, that's like this, in the Midwest! Asdfghjkl;afkjdsfoin. Sorry, I was spazzing at my excitment.

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

It's the holidays. Again. Am I the only one who thinks they come too quickly? Or that they shove all these songs, sales, decorations, etc. too early? I had my band Christmas concert yesterday and I realized, "Fuck. It's Christmas. Almost." Where does time go?! Why can't I be 5 years old again and not have a care in the world? When I couldn't be criticized for being me? When I could have birthday parties and celebrate like I was the fucking princess? When I wasn't depressed and life seemed to be crashing down on me? I'd enjoy that. Even if it was for a day.


It's Derpy Hooves!!

Muffins!! Click on it, it moves...

Night of the Living Dead!! <333

I'm gonna go see a play for Night of the Living Dead tonight! Can't wait! <333

It's My Birfday!! :D

It's my birfday!! I get to paaarrrttyyy! Not really. But I get cake! Score!

I. Cannot. Get. Enough. Of. This. Song.

I think it's a really good cover. Whatta you think?


I really don't know why! I think it's more adorable than scary. What am I talking about, it's not scary at all. IT'S ADORABLE!!


I'm in a cooling-off period for the Fan Battle thingy. Does anyone know the percentages? O.o

To go or not to go.

So I want to go to the World War III show in Milwaukee on December 4, but I already asked about going to the MSI concert on March 15/17. I already have to go make my own money for the MSI concert and I don't even know if I should ask about the WWIII show. xP There are too many bands I want to see in concert.