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A song to pillage to
Life on the Train Tracks

Escaping your own brain, to me, is sort of like playing chess against yourself. Any time you make a move you're going to think of how it benefits you and how you can play it against your opponent... which is yourself. So in turn, you think from your opponent's perspective, (still yourself) and think of the best way to hurt your chances of winning. Either way, you end up having an aneurysm at a train depot.
We have an old fashioned train station in my town.

The toy in the cereal box

I can honestly say I've never blogged before. I have no idea how to tell anybody, anything, pretty much ever. It works for me. Maybe I've just spent too much time in the fucking woods. I dunno.

I like to think that I'm fairly normal considering some shit, but we all have shit.
But then occasionally, usually 2-3 times a year I feel like I'm batshit and that everyone is looking at me like, "Who the fuck gave this chick adderal and whiskey?" And it's not that I'm losing it... it's that I think I'm coming into it. Growing up is some hard shit.
Cancer. Fuck cancer. End of story.

Lately I've been