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What Is With All The Negativity ?!

Can someone please tell me the MCRmy become negative fucks?
Lately I've been seeing posts about dissing MCR or being "let down"
and it's okay to feel that way but like i don't know, we used to be a family and now it just feels like some people come on here just to post about the bad things. For example the whole Mikey Way thing. To be honest I don't think it's our business. We are here for the music!
Just because the man does one mistake does not take away from the lives he has saved and continues to save. It doesn't take back the quotes that people get tattooed on them, It just makes him human. I'm just feeling down about this so called family. I miss the way it was.
Guys, there music is only temporary so please lets enjoy it and not destroy it.

Love & Rockets