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Please check out my brother's video!

This is my brother doing a Video Star (an app on his iPod) video of Superstar by Lupe Fiasco. It's actually quite good, so just check it out please! Thanks!

~ND x

Right... What's Next?

So, as I'm sure we've all gathered, the killjoy era is over and done with, and though that's saddening I can't help but wonder what the new chapter in the amazing life MCR have had will be like. It seems pretty dark, not like the colourful extravaganza of songs and costumes that was Danger Days, I sure hope it lives up to all of our expectations as the MCRmy.

Oh, and the official video for deadmau5 ft. Gerard Way came out today!!! I've posted it above, an amazing video!

So, new chapter, I wonder when the new album's gonna come out? I hope it's soon, I'm shitting myself right now!

Oh god...

I get the feeling this is bad:
About three days ago I was staying up and looking at the scab on my wrist (which, by the way, I've pulled off now :/) and suddenly found myself wanting to make another one. Is that how people start to cut real bad? They make a few and then want to make more? I didn't, thank God, but I just wanted to get this off my chest.

Pfft, my life is so depressing at times...

~ND x

Oh, shit.

Pfft, I knew I'd get into the depressing stuff sooner or later.

Here's basically what happened.

We were at Cholmondely Castle cause a couple of old friends are round and I was standing there without my jacket on cause it was too hot for it. Then my dad suddenly grabs my wrist and pushes my bracelets back to reveal the wierd scabby thing that was made when I was hacking at my wrist with my nail. It's like cutting, except it only draws a tiny bit of blood and the pain isn't immeadiate. I've stopped, but only very recently so the scab's still there.

'What's that?' He asked, I decided to play

8 Sober Years!

Hmm, how's that, two blogs within an hour!

I just wanted to say, 'WELL DONE GERARD WAY (God, even his name is sexy!) FOR BEING CLEAN AND SOBER FOR 8 YEARS! WE ALL LOVE YOU, HUGS AND LOVE FROM THE MCRMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

8 years without drinking... most of the adults in my village couldn't do that. Uh-uh.

Well, I've only been a fan of the band for about half a year now, so you could say I'm a relatively new fan, but I already know that they're the only band for me. They're the only ones who've made me feel special and loved.


Just what the title says. Grr. But it's an angry grr, and also a sad one. You probably don't wanna know/don't care what happens in my crapped upon life, but I needa put this out somewhere.

Kay, so basically, my mum is being a bitch.

She comes and finds me when I'm playing and singing out of sheer boredom and says, 'Go wash your face and clear up you eyes. So I do. I go upstairs, wash my face and take off all the smudgy bits (cause I kinda got panda eyes earlier). She comes in like, 'Have you even moved since I last came in?!?' Like, really pissed.

Hello Again!

Hey, massive improvement since I last posted!
1. I've learnt some chords on guitar, I can play Sing averagely well.
2. I've begun to write lyrics almost everywhere I go, I always carry round a book or if not my phone so I can write them down on memo.
3. Ummm.... I dunno why I put three, I just think there has to be three, ya know?

So yeah, I've just done some research into the Kiki Kannibal story, creepy huh? *Shudders.*

Anyway, so long suckers! x

ND x

Hi Guys x

Hey people who read this, Suki here! Or, of course, my killjoy name, Neon Distortion if you really want!
I'm a MASSIVE My Chem fan/addict, and I play piano (I wanna learn chords on guitar though) and sing. I sometimes write lyrics, but only when I have inspiration.
I dunno what I'll post on here, probably just random shit about my life and stuff, not that anyone'll read it. *Shrugs*. I'll change my profile picture, to what I have no idea. Maybe my killjoy symbol? I dunno.

Thanks for reading, keep running killjoys.
ND x