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Me being nice for once

The title is cheesy af but basically as maybe you know if you read my blog about "pizza and surprises" I am in Paris right now. Everywhere you go, you'll find homeless people begging for money. Obviously I don't have enough money to give to everyone however I saw a lady on the floor with her son who was about 3 or 4 years old, I decided I'd give them some money. The lady said thank you and in the boy said he wanted to eat, pointing to our cups of Starbucks that my cousin and I had in our hands.

Rant: MCR being "emo"

Idk if you guys agree with me or not, but I hate when people label MCR as emo. I don't have anything against emos even though I'm not about that life really (please don't hate me) but this band has said so many times that they're not emo and I hate that when I tell people about how much I love this band and they get genuinely worried about me because they assume I'm depressed or something I am perfectly fine.

When your fam says they like MCR

So today I found WiFi and what did I do? Obviously, I stayed listening to MCR music, telling my little cousin (who's 11) all about them. She likes tøp, which is already really good especially for her age. We heard music that was saved on her phone and she sadly said that she didn't download MCR music and that she needed to download some of their music. Her fav songs are Na Na Na, Cancer and Welcome To The Black Parade.

I feel like a proud mother.

Pizza and surprises

Hey! So today it was a horrible day. Nothing was going right, ever since I woke up this morning everything went downhill. Tomorrow my mum said we'd be going for a weekend break and she said she's getting us pizza. I wasn't in a good mood at all, I didn't want anything I just wanted to be alone and just cry. However, I go to take the pizza and open the box and find a box that said "Surprise! We're going to Disney World tomorrow!" I didn't believe it. It had been 6 years since I've been there and Disneyland is one of my favourite places in the whole world.

5 days left

So in 5 days we can officially say that it has been 3 years since MCR left the band. Please make sure your box of tissues are ready, make sure to log in on here so we can all cry together and make sure you prepare some ice cream or comfort food that might help you feel a little better. We can get through this, if we work together. Who knows? Maybe one day they'll finally be back, we might go to the news section of this site and actually find something new! We'll stop crying ourselves to sleep every single night.

It's time to move to another planet

So I just came back home from school and I swear I'm so done with people. So I might be very young, but I know what real music is like and I know what good bands are, and they are definitely not based on good looks, right?


Not everyone understands this though and it's so stupid and I was so pissed off because yes maybe we might be young (14) and it's nice to have a band who is really good looking but anyway I was at my ICT lesson and I told my friend who I fell out with "MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE" like that's literally all I said. Since it's MCR month all I talk about is MCR.

Singing Career ??

This is my first blog post on here so hello if you're reading this fellow MCR fans. Right so basically I have been singing ever since I was 9, 5 years have gone by and I am still here, singing and trying my best to have a career in this. My Chemical Romance is a huge influence on me and other bands like Green Day, Sum 41, Blink 182 etc. Although I don't post a lot of rock covers and sing more pop, jazz and blues, I tried out 2 MCR songs- Cancer & I Don't Love You which are both meaningful songs to me.