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story time with neon heart (aka me)

So as the title clearly says (unless you can't read which means you can't read this either and that's awful) I'm going to tell you a short story about when I met my favourite YouTuber and acted so awkward it's awful.

Right so basically I was and still am a fangirl. It's bad. Honestly, I think I need to go to a psychiatrist or something because I don't think it's normal at this level. It was like yesterday a year ago that I was at this hotel for lunch and it was really fancy and I found out that one of my favourite YouTubers ever was there and obviously I tried to meet him.

So long and goodnight!

I hope the title of this isn't misunderstanding but hey I'm back! I couldn't stay away from this site for too long, I love it here! I've read all your comments and I just want to say thank you to everybody it means a lot to me! After a lot of pep talk, hours of sobbing and music, I can say that I'm now saying goodbye to everyone that doesn't like me :) It's not an easy decision, I can tell you right now, and I know that I will get judged for it even more and possibly have even more haters but honestly I couldn't care any less.

I'm sorry.

I give up on everything. No matter what I do, nothing is ever right and I hate spreading negativity on here but I can't keep pretending I'm happy when I'm not. Nothing is ever good enough. If I went on a vacation it's wrong because I'm now bombarded with homework that I have to finish in 2 days as well as study for a test.

Mcr merch and fangirling

So today was an eventful day! Well, not really. I never do much with my life but anyway my 2 best friends from school came to my house today and one of them surprised me with an MCR T-shirt which is my first one so it's really exciting! It's got the text and logo of My Chemical Romance in capital letters and it's a Black Parade T-shirt which is really cool because that's one of my fav albums! My other best friend surprised me with a friendship bracelet which is so cool! We spent the day fangirling, talking about anime and Frerard and also watched Harry Potter.

I'm now going to my dad's and

when your friends listen to pop

Yesterday my friends and I had a movie night and we met up at my friend's house and we were a group of 10 people. All of them listened to pop. You see, everytime we meet we have this "party" where we just listen to songs and dance and usually I'd be fine with it because I used to listen to pop before but yesterday idk why I tried dancing along with them, but I didn't enjoy listening to the music. I've really changed.

At least one of my friends in the group likes Green Day though but the other day my friend asked me to send him some MCR songs because he heard me talk about them a lot.. I

favourite mcr song?

This morning I got a message from a friend from school, I've never been really close with her but I always thought that there was something cool about her even though a lot of people avoided her. I found out that she likes FOB and MCR as well as Phan which is really cool because that's most of my favourites into one. The message said "I'm listening to I'm not okay on repeat" which is really cool tbh I love that song and it's a song that I can relate to but anyways I replied with "I feel you" and she asked me what my fav MCR song.

I honestly couldn't pick a favourite, all of their songs are

Finally found a killjoy name!

After long hours and days and months of thinking and failing to be creative, I have found my killjoy name! So my name is : Neon Heart! Idk if that's original but I tried. I feel like it's very me. There's a sort of story behind it :) Let me explain. Basically if you look at me you'd think I'm moody and very mean because of the fact that I wear black almost all the time and have resting bitch face but in reality I don't have an ugly heart! I'm colourful and bubbly which is why I went for the name Neon Heart! What's your killjoy name?

school and music career?

Being back from a holiday and having the Easter holidays means a shit ton of homework. So that's what I'm doing right now, and gosh do I hate school. Well, don't get me wrong, I love education. I just hate not having some free time and always having to stress about things and I hate always feeling like a failure, you know? In the future, I want to do music as a career. I've always said this, even before I started singing.

I had a lesson on Saturday with my vocal coach who's from London and he teaches Little Mix and Fleur East (idk if you've heard of them; their music genre is pop but

back to reality (and a little update on everything that's been happening)

Hey! So yeah I have been gone for a while because this website wasn't working at Disneyland idk why and it was awful I swear I'm addicted to this site but yeah March 22nd .. ugh. I spent the day a little moody and I tried being happy but it was hard. My cousin mentioned something about a break up, it was a couple break up sort of thing and I ended up crying. I listened to Bullets and my family made fun of me for listening to that type of music but eh you know it wasn't a very good day and I had to try to have fun.

March 22nd

Tomorrow I might not be here because this website isn't working on my iPad and I had to use my brother's (I did not bring my laptop with me and my phone is broken urge) anyways tomorrow I'm going to have a busy day and I'm going to try to get my mind off the thing but yeah uh good luck everyone I will probably be crying at Disney Land lmao