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my love life sucks

It honestly does. I have had a boyfriend before, which is awful because I'm too young to even be in a relationship and I have been on 2 dates before but honestly my love life is so bad. My ex was the worst guy ever I swear he was the meanest person ever and now my crush found out that I like him through my best friend.

And he does not like me back.

And he's a family friend.

Which makes everything so much more awkward ugh but yeah I saw him this morning and I waved.

cousin's obsession with p!atd song

This is a good thing obviously except for the fact that her fav (and only song she likes I think tbh) P!ATD song is Emperor's New Clothes and every time she sees the thumbnail of the video she goes crazy and wants me to click on the video and the song. Also keep in mind that she's 11 years old. Right so basically I'm hoping she never shows her mother anything because I'd get in trouble for showing her that stuff since Brendon literally turns into satan in the music video.

So then it'd be very hard to convince her that P!ATD is not satanic or anything like that.

storytime: i got asked what a fangirl + random thoughts!

Yep. This actually happened. I was at my friend's birthday party today and it was so freaking boring that my best friend (at least she was there to help me with my boredom) and I talked about how cool it would be if Gerard just randomly burst through the doors and talked to us which was unlikely because 1) he's in America which is one of the farthest countries from here 2) why would he be at a 14 year old kid's birthday party?

But anyway yeah there was a karaoke and I was saying that if he walked in I'd just faint on stage and then this person who was "entertaining" us throughout the party

Dancing at school, rock music & lessons!

So here in Malta we have primary school : year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Once you finish it you go to secondary school but it doesn't keep on going year 7, 8, 9 etc. It's in forms. I'm saying this so you can understand my story haha!

So, I did a thing ..

I posted a video for Gerard. I have been wanting to do this for so long but I never had the guts to actually do it until I started posting videos of me doing covers so my face was showing so I was like why not try this? People have seen me talk and have seen my face before so I did a letter sort of thing for Gerard. Basically what I did was write points for a letter that I wanted to write for Gerard and then put them in sentences and said them out loud!

songs stuck in my mind

Yesterday I couldn't sleep till about 1AM so what did I do? Obviously I put headphones in my ears and started listening to all my favourite artists and all my favourite songs. I also stayed up watching interviews and videos by Onision which had a lot of shade but yeah you know what I mean I basically spent my night, or, technically, morning just being a fangirl as usual.

So this morning I woke up and I only got about 5 hours of sleep so obviously I felt awful so I put on some good old MCR music and that honestly helped me to get up in a better mood.

Why do I love Gerard?

I get asked this question a lot and I feel like it's the right time to properly answer it, since, you know, it's his birthday. Well, the thing is I have a lot to say about Gerard.

First off, I love that he used to work at a comic book shop and didn't even get payed for it, he just really loves comics. That honestly makes me so happy and makes me love him so much more I mean he worked hard in a shop just because he loved comics and that showed his dedication which is really cool.

His vocals. I don't even need to go into detail about this y'all know how truly unique and angelic his voice is.

Gerard's birthday

Our little fabulous sparkly sassy angry cupcake is 39 today! Not so little anymore. The worst thing is that there's only a little bit more than 2 months between him and my mother! They're the same age and it hurts. Gerard could literally be my father

But anyways I haven't done anything for Gerard's birthday because I can't draw or anything hopefully I'll send him fan mail soon but it will obviously not be for his birthday because I didn't manage to finish what I planned :/

This blog is quite short because I literally have no idea of what to say but yeah happy birthday Gerard even though I

the full-time fangirl struggle

I hate this about myself but I'm a full-time fangirl. I don't know how to shut up and even if I try, I never manage. The struggles are real. Right, let's start from the obvious: judgement.

When you're a full-time fangirl, people are always telling you to "chill" as if that one word will help me from escaping this hell. They think you're some stalker and creepy because you're such a fangirl and a true fan. Buuuut they come to me for recommendations and suggestions and such most of the time because I swear I'm in almost every fandom.

The other problem is the feels.

Procrastination- What really happens ..

I procrastinate a lot. You might have noticed from my blog posts! Today, what am I doing? Procrastinating wooo it's so fun okay so basically I have homework to do but I came back from school tired today and I don't really have a lot of motivation right now so I am just finding pictures of Frerard (yep I am a Frerard shipper hi) and I am going to be creating a folder for just Frerard because they deserve it freaking relationship goals!