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summertime (pun intended)

So school is over and it's finally summer! I have some summer work to do but I have 3 months left and I need a break from exams now because I'm exhausted but anyway I ended on Friday and me and my friends went to a waterpark (the only waterpark in my country) and it was fun but I don't think I'm ever going there again tbh. It's way too dirty!

Also we were having so much fun going down the slides and laughing at each other's reactions and such and then it started raining and there was an awful storm!

Quick update (even though you probably don't care)

I start exams tomorrow and I'm really stressed out but I have just taken a break from that after almost 3 hours of studying which is very exhausting and I haven't finished everything yet so I have to continue revising. Anyway, I thought I'd update you a little on what's happening right now! So other than exams and studying and crying because of school, I'm still very upset because of what happened to Christina Grimmie, she was a huge inspiration to many, including myself, because I got inspired to start uploading videos because of her. RIP Christina, I'll miss her very much.

I've also been

Amusing school day...

I'm sorry for the awful title of this blog but I don't feel very motivated today, even though I should, because I have work to do or else I'll fail everything in life but eh, not really feeling it today. School today was ... amusing. Basically there's this school exchange thing going on and French students came to our school.

Now the thing is most schools are mixed. However, in Malta most of our schools are not co-educational. For example, my school is an all girls school.

what's up?

I haven't logged into this site for a while. I'm so sorry! I've been so busy with school and exams coming up soon (which is very scary!).

What have I been doing with my life?

Well, right now I've just been spending a lot of time on homework and revising to be honest but on Friday I sang at a gig and got an amazing opportunity which is very exciting! Also yesterday I went out with my friends to a beach and we got blankets drinks and snacks and stuff and watched the sun go down, we took a lot of pictures and we just talked and stuff.

I also realized how truly lonely and single I am.

Talking to Gerard Way?! (UPDATE)

So in my previous blog I said that there is that twitter acc who is secretly a famous person and I think it's Gerard (you can see my theory there if you'd like!).

The other day I noticed that Cheesy's DMs were open so I just started typing random sh*t there and I said something about my life because I didn't feel motivational and when I don't feel motivational, I tend to send random DMs to people that I love (famous or not) telling them my problems even if they don't see it!

This happened on Friday, right?

stupid spam filter

I made a whole blog post and then it 'triggered the spam filter' and I'm very mad but anyway yesterday Cheesy McCheese noticed me on twitter.

If you don't know who that is: it's basically a character or something idek haha but yeah apparently the person who created this is 'someone famous.' I think it's Gerard. Why? Well, the name of this person on twitter is cheese lord and it was created in March, I think that was the time when Gerard would change his names to '__ lord' on twitter. I think it was sleep lord? Not sure, though. We all know how damn secretive Gerard is!

Also, the first

Weekend break

I was at a weekend break which is why I didn't blog as much guys I apologize however this website and a phone do not go well together :P

Anyways we spent 3 days in a hotel and it was great! We ate a lot of food and we swam in the outdoor pool and I spent a lot of time in my room trying to get Gerard to notice me and trying to understand his tweets haha!

I don't have much to say though because honestly I didn't do much.

school day!

I haven't posted a blog in quite a while. I'm still on here, though! I love reading your blogs and seeing how your days went! School today was good I guess. I got confused today because in Maths we did equations (finding the gradient and y-intercept of the graph and then finding the equation basically) and she gave us homework to start there and the teacher stayed going around to see if we were doing them correctly and to see if she could help us.

So she came to me and she asked me if I was okay with the whole thing and I said "Yeah, I finished a whole exercise and I have a few more to go"

New cover!

The spam filter is being a little bitch today so if you wanna check out my I Don't Love You cover then just type in "Kaylie Magri" go to my channel and you should find it! :) Sorry my blog's so short today but I genuinely have nothing to blog about:( Anyway hope you all have/had a good day! Keep running, killjoys x

music makes me happy

I'm used to the comments about the type of music I listen to from my parents and such obviously but my mum told my grandmother about the music I listen to and she started shouting at me today after school because I listen to it in the morning to get me hyped up.

I rant in most of my blogs so sorry but this made me so angry and I spent most of the day after pissed off I swear I couldn't even do my homework because of it because I couldn't concentrate I was so mad not to mention that school was awful today because of the kids there.

So basically what happened was that she started yelling at