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i miss mcr

Hey guys! So I haven't logged in in a long time, and it seems that not a lot of people are posting anymore. I really miss mcr, they were such a good band and they have helped me through so many difficult times and I've actually made a lot of friends through them. I actually have two different groups who both like mcr- we all call each other emos but thinking about it, everyone in this modern world kind of is an emo - maybe minus the hair and the outfits and music I guess. Anyway those were my thoughts for the day, I miss mcr and miss this site.

hi i'm still alive

As the title says, I'm still alive. Somehow, I'm still running. Life has been meh. Teenage years are extremely difficult, and I am only learning this now. They are the best time of your life, and the worst. I truly believe this.

On March first, I had my first love. I had been in a relationship before (quite young, I know I'm 15 but it wasn't serious or anything). However, I truly believe he was my first love. I had never felt this way about anyone before, but as you probably know, some boys tend to mature later on than girls and him being my age meant he still acted like a 12 year old.

i made a tumblr account

So yeah I like the idea of blogs and I have always loved tumblr and the photos on there. Even though people have warned me about the dangers of it and how dark it truly is I decided to make it anyway because I'm dead on the inside anyway so fuck it. My blog username is myneonheart so yeah go follow me on there or else leave your users in the comments and I'll follow! I follow everyone back c:

Thank you for reading! Hope you have/had a good day and keep running, killjoys x

my life is boring

I've been wanting to post a blog here for so long but somehow I always log in, then log straight out because I remember that I have nothing to really write about, I mean, my life is pretty boring.

My day goes like this: Wake up late, normally at about 7:15, get ready in about 30 minutes, most of the time even less because I get up later. Go to school, come back home, eat, watch Friends (sometimes anime and YouTube videos- depends!), do homework, listen to music, take a shower, go to guitar lessons or private lessons or wherever else I have to go if I do go somewhere.

mcr video finally done and uploaded!

Yep.. I made a blog in like April and 9 months later I have fixed my video editor programme and finally uploaded the video! Here it is:

Hope you have/had a good day and keep running, killjoys!
-Kaylie x

my brother.

So I know most of the time I talk about myself on this blog but today I decided to make it about my brother, this is because he has been worrying me so much lately and it's really sad what he went through and I sorta wanna raise awareness for it, if that makes sense? My brother has just been through so much and he's only 12 so it sucks and I just want to tell anyone on here who might be reading that you're not alone and also as I said I wanna raise awareness about these situations that are going on, maybe we can all help in one way or another.

My brother, as I said is 12 years old.

happy new year!

Hey! Just popped in to say, happy new year! I'm so happy 2016 is over and 2017 has started, I really hope this year is wayy better, for you guys too. I haven't done much honestly, I had a get together with my family from my dad's side yesterday. It's kind of hard to have fun when basically nobody from my cousins talk to me .. just because my mum and dad separated. Oh well. I don't really need them anyway, I have family from my mum's side and friends.. and you guys on here, whom I consider family even though I hardly talk to you guys that much :L

I've made it my new year's resolution to come

Christmas, Harry Potter, guitar and more..

Hi guys! Long time no see. It's been a while since I've been on here. I say this every time I'm on here but I really hope to start posting more on here you guys give me such positive energy and I need that. I need it reallly badly! Anyway, for all of you that celebrate Christmas, happy belated Christmas! I spent mine with my family, like I always do!

I ate so much food, and though it was absolutely delicious, I should really cut down on the calories.. oh well! This winter I've started loving Harry Potter. Late, I know, but better late than never, right?

mental health update

Hey guys! I know most of you on here probably don't care but I just wanted to update you on everything that has happened since last time I was here! I never have time on here anymore, I'm so sorry! I'm really busy at the moment. On weekends, I go out with friends, on weekdays, I have singing rehearsals, lessons, a lot of homework and I go to private lessons too so I spend half of my life studying and stressing about school and stuff but I like learning :).

So I don't know if you guys read a blog I had wrote a few months back but it was me talking about my anxiety and horrible things that I

10 years of tbp

Yes I realize I am a day late but I was so busy yesterday! At least I found time to listen to the album (and MCRX of course!) but I honestly can't believe it's been ten years. Sadly, I was too young to listen to the album because at that time I was listening to princess songs and all that but yeah I still remember seeing them on TV and stuff, which is weird, considering I was 4. But yeah happy 10 years, The Black Parade! This album definitely shall live on for eternity.
Hope you have/had a good day and keep running, killjoys (and soldiers... ? Is that what TBP fans are called? Idk) x