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'. Hi everyone. guess what? i'm so bored and i don't have anything to listen. please! recommend me bands/music see ya!
The best day...
February 24, 2008 probably was the best day of my life... and probably it wasn't but that day i saw mychem for the first time and i'll never forget it :)
'. anybody has gone? tell me how it was the concert
' goodnight everyone :D!
'. i'm so freaking bored now, i don't know what to do i'm watching some videos, pictures and bla bla.
Just sleep, just sleep.
'. i'm listening sleep. really love this song and gerard's voice is killing me so badly. i don't have much to say today :C and through it all how could you cry for me? 'cause I don't feel bad about it
'. Hola :) soy nenu y no dire que me gusta mychem por que es obvio :B Tengo 16 años (casi 17, queda poquiiiiito) y vivo en santiago, chile. Me gustan muchos tipos de musica, ahora estoy media obsecionada con la serie SKINS, Inglaterra y bandas tipos crystal castles. Soy fan hace años y maravillosamente tuve la suerte de ver a 4 de my chem cuando vinieron a chile, ojala tenga la suerte de verlos a los 5 algún dia. y creo que ahora escribire solamente eso por que se me acaba de volar la inspiración. add me to your friends. xo. nenu
the black parade *3*
i'm listening THE BLACK PARADE and i can say that i like this cd a lot of people hates this record and they prefers revenge or bullets. i like revenge and bullets but i think that the changes sometimes aren't so bad. if my english sucks, i'm sorry :C
guess what?! Panic at the disco come to chile and it's so cool. i know this site is for mychem, but that is a good notice and i want to share this with you.
' i like this shit!! i'm reading part of the comments and it's very funny. Now my little dog (her name is antonia :D ) is licking a picture of frankie yeah! She loves frank, i don't know why ... o_o i'm searching for people from chile or somewhere of this world lol add me to your friends :C